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Audio Roundup Special: Aguda Elul 2023

by Joel Rich   Kollel Iyun Halacha-ELUL 2023—Introduction-To-Mitzvas-Shiluach-HaKan-e28apnn/a-aa8prob 08-20-2023-Rav-Shlomo-Gottesman—Introduction-To-Mitzvas-Shiluach-HaKan Introduction to the new zman’s topic – shiluach hakan. Is it a mitzva chiyuvit or kiyumit? Is its focus on the impact on us or on HKBH? (Rambam v Ramban)—Mitzvas-Shiluach-HaKan-e28appe/a-aa8prsk 08-20-2023-Rav-Asher-Weiss—Mitzvas-Shiluach-HaKan R Weiss paskins shiluach hakan as a mitzva kiyumit (only if you want the eggs?) but ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:39

by Joel Rich Two (IMHO) great quotes from the Aruch Hashulchan (C”M 149:22) discussing an individual having a chazaka in a mitzva (my rough translation) 1 “all of this is discussing a chazaka that has an associated claim such as the community granted him the mitzva in perpetuity. But if he appropriated it for himself without the community’s assent, there’s ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:38

by Joel Rich From the testimony of R. Sheshet ha-Nasi of Saragossa concerning The Mishneh Torah of Maimonides: Before the Mishneh Torah reached [the lands of] Castile, study of Jewish law, especially of the Talmud, was beyond the grasp of Castilian Jews, for wisdom is too lofty for the ignoramus’ (Proverbs24:7). The local judge had exclusive jurisdiction: he would rule ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:37

by Joel Rich I’ve seen pulpit rabbis who take a significantly longer time for their amida than do their congregants and have the shatz say chazarat hashatz (including kedusha) while the rabbi continues his personal amida. I’ve seen others who speed up their amida and have the shatz wait for them in a manner that a significant percentage of the ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:36

by Joel Rich Does the psak of bet din evidence the ratzon hashem or is it normative law to adjudicate in this world. Example – my friend and I agree that we will each purchase a mega millions ticket each week and if either of us win the big prize we will split it. I win – would bet din ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:35

by Joel Rich Interesting magen avraham (O”C 144:7) concerning rollin a sefer torah if you took out the wrong one. Even though kavod honor hatzibur would say to take out the torah which is already at the right spot rather than roll the one you took out to the right spot, the MA says “in a beit knesset which has ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Kollel Iyun Halacha

by Joel Rich Kollel Iyun Halacha – ad vlo ad bchlal – elul 2023   Kollel Iyun Halacha is the dynamic new Lakewood based learning program for Balley-Battim, Sunday-Thursday from 11am – 1pm, featuring daily shiurim by noted rabbanim and poskim. Kollel Iyun Halacha is led by Rav Shlomo Gottesman. Kollel Iyun Halacha—Hilchos-Brochos—Terima-1-e23musc/a-a9q3d4l 05-08-2023-Rav-Micha-Cohn—Hilchos-Brochos—Terima Terima is something ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:34

by Joel Rich From R’ A Lichtenstein: Thus, they have also said: “He who chops down his plants, even though he is not permitted etc?” Also, the entire discourse about he who tells another] “Tear my cloak, break my vessel or my hand or my leg” (BK 92a) deals only with the liability to pay or the lack of it. ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:33

by Joel Rich If you attend a minyan where the haftara (or any of the megilot)are not read from a klaf, what is the kahal’s practice (and has the shul rav directed this) during the haftara reading? 1. listen intently to each word 2. read along word for word with the one reading from the bima 3. read by oneself ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:32

by Joel Rich Davened this AM in the bet Knesset in Ben Gurion airport (NATBAG). There were about 15 men at various points in their private tfilot. One individual walked up to the amud and proceeded to daven out loud the entire tfila (kaddish, barchu etc) as if he were a shaliach tzibur. People (including new arrivals) answered even though ...

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