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This column is produced on behalf of Eretz Hemdah by Rabbi Daniel Mann. Rabbi Mann is a Dayan for Eretz Hemdah and a staff member of Yeshiva University's Gruss Kollel in Israel. He is a senior member of the Eretz Hemdah responder staff, editor of Hemdat Yamim and the author of Living the Halachic Process, volumes 1 and 2 and A Glimpse of Greatness.

A Late Tachanun

by R. Daniel Mann Question: The chazan skipped Tachanun, and everyone assumed there was a chatan or a brit. After davening, the chazan said he just forgot Tachanun. People disagreed about whether we could/should say Tachanun at that point. What is the halacha? Answer: The Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chayim 131:1) says that one must not speak between Shemoneh Esrei and ...

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Heating Pad on Shabbat

by R. Daniel Mann Question: I have muscle pain in my back, which sometimes becomes severe. Going to bed with a heating pad has made a big difference sometimes. May I use it on Shabbat, or is it a problem of muktzeh? Answer: There are a few issues of muktzeh involved here. One is whether to consider a heating pad ...

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Bankruptcy in Halacha

by R. Daniel Mann Question: I have $30,000 of credit debt (in the US). I lost my job, and my new job pays less. I do not see how I can pay the debt. What does Jewish law say about filing for bankruptcy? Answer: [We responded to the querier regarding his situation but are broadening (in brevity) the discussion. We ...

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Who Should Pay a Ticket?

by R. Daniel Mann Question: My friend picked up a trempist (hitchhiker) who did not put on his seatbelt. Police pulled the car over and gave a ticket to the driver (not the passenger) for driving with someone not buckled. Should the passenger reimburse my friend?   Answer: This is not a ruling about a specific case but a discussion of ...

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