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Audio Roundup 2023:44

by Joel Rich Anan sahadei (we testify) generally appears in the gemara as an ironclad presumption that defines an event (eg if a lender says to a borrower not to pay back unless there are witnesses, he won’t pay back without witnesses) or an intent (eg a seller making aliya intended to sell only if he made aliyah). Is anyone ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:43

by Joel Rich A 5 towns rabbi recently recounted a question asked of him in the sukka “Do you think that maybe like a jew in the 5 towns not the way God intended it, like we’re supposed to be like they are in Williamsburg or Geulah or something like that”. My comment: it seems to me many MOprax jews ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Letters from the Rav

by Joel Rich Dr. Marc Shapiro-Letters from The Rav – Final Sessions   Part 17 Topics include: women learning torah (yes), Einstein medical school (kiddush hashem), and updating the classical yeshiva curriculum.   Part 18 Starts with some general follow up topics: cohen becoming a doctor, women’s organized learning, yosher in choshen mishpat and RBYS’ candidacies for various ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:42

by Joel Rich thoughts: At the beginning of Parshat Haazinu, the heavens and earth are called upon to listen to the covenant made between HKBH and the Jewish people. Rashi explains that the reason Moses did not ask this of humans is that he understood that humans are only temporary dwellers in this world. The heavens and earth, however are ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:41

by Joel Rich There’s a halacha I’ve heard stated many times that it’s better to stay in bed all day on yom kippur in order to be able to complete the fast rather than to go to shul (tfila btzibur et al) and have to have even a small break (ie shiurim). How would you analyze a similar question on ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:40

by Joel Rich To a maggid shiur: Just wanted to tell you that I very much appreciated your bringing in the social sciences to your discussion of tzedakah. Blum’s work on empathy is especially interesting, I always find it fascinating that people think that pure logic can answer moral questions. Anyway, that’s the tora umada I was raised on and ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Aguda Elul 2023

by Joel Rich   Kollel Iyun Halacha-ELUL 2023—Introduction-To-Mitzvas-Shiluach-HaKan-e28apnn/a-aa8prob 08-20-2023-Rav-Shlomo-Gottesman—Introduction-To-Mitzvas-Shiluach-HaKan Introduction to the new zman’s topic – shiluach hakan. Is it a mitzva chiyuvit or kiyumit? Is its focus on the impact on us or on HKBH? (Rambam v Ramban)—Mitzvas-Shiluach-HaKan-e28appe/a-aa8prsk 08-20-2023-Rav-Asher-Weiss—Mitzvas-Shiluach-HaKan R Weiss paskins shiluach hakan as a mitzva kiyumit (only if you want the eggs?) but ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:39

by Joel Rich Two (IMHO) great quotes from the Aruch Hashulchan (C”M 149:22) discussing an individual having a chazaka in a mitzva (my rough translation) 1 “all of this is discussing a chazaka that has an associated claim such as the community granted him the mitzva in perpetuity. But if he appropriated it for himself without the community’s assent, there’s ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:38

by Joel Rich From the testimony of R. Sheshet ha-Nasi of Saragossa concerning The Mishneh Torah of Maimonides: Before the Mishneh Torah reached [the lands of] Castile, study of Jewish law, especially of the Talmud, was beyond the grasp of Castilian Jews, for wisdom is too lofty for the ignoramus’ (Proverbs24:7). The local judge had exclusive jurisdiction: he would rule ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:37

by Joel Rich I’ve seen pulpit rabbis who take a significantly longer time for their amida than do their congregants and have the shatz say chazarat hashatz (including kedusha) while the rabbi continues his personal amida. I’ve seen others who speed up their amida and have the shatz wait for them in a manner that a significant percentage of the ...

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