Action/Reaction: A Framework to Think About Our Religious Response to Crisis

by R. Gidon Rothstein I promised you a Rambam, and I intend to fulfill my promise. Before I do, consider the conundrum in which Gd might find Himself should He want fundamental change, framework change, in a time when our sins have distanced us from prophecy. How should Gd send the message? Blessings aren’t likely to work, because when life ...

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Unknown Unknowns and the Coronavirus

by R. Gidon Rothstein Unknown Unknowns: A Jewish Version of Confronting Coronavirus Creatively Rambam opens the Laws of Fasts with a passage many people today find uncomfortable for its forthright certainty hard times hit communities (individuals is a more complex story, depending on our understanding of divine providence) because of sins they commit. Let’s leave his idea for next time, when I ...

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