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• Fighting battles that are already lost – Why Did Dati Leumi Roshei Yeshivos Ban Talmidim From Donating Blood?

• Clergy burnout – ‘Change in calling’ top reason black, evangelical pastors quit

• F Nataf – Jonathan Sacks, morality and Facebook algorithms

• A Court Win for One Pro-Life Med Student Raises Concerns for Others


1,700 doctors and nurses rally against assisted suicide

• R W Goldstein – The Shabbat Project: Step inside

• New York State vs. the Yeshivas

• Why some Jewish communities thrived and others did not – Under pressure: the paradox of the diamond

• Beth Din of America – Loss Splitting in Jewish Law: A Covid-19 Example

• SHOCKING! Christians Posting As Rabbanim Outed In Phoenix: Peformed Giyur, Taharos, Gittin

• Conservative movement publishes list of rabbis it has expelled or suspended

• Pandemic Restrictions Put Jewish Kiwis in a Bind

• R C Steinmetz – The Greatest Jewish Joke Ever

• What was Jewish life in Israel like at the time of the Mishna, Talmud?

• The money is funding Jewish community and education – Medieval Jewish prayerbook sold for $8.3 million, a near-record for Judaica

• Facebook Rejects Chabad Ads About New Antisemitism Class

• Rabbis face mental health battles in new pandemic phase

• Written from a Christian perspective but it applies generally – Empty Pews Are an American Public Health Crisis

• Insert joke about British food – Kosher food available at British parliament for first time

• Court rejects pedophile’s lawsuit against rabbi who likened him to a terrorist

• A New Look at Judaism and Tattoos

• Non-humans can’t be Jewish because they aren’t human, not because of any anatomical lackings – What would religious leaders do if aliens showed up?

Torah Live Breathes New Life into Education

• Ramat Gan Mayor Says City Will Sponsor Two Posters With Women For Every One Defaced

• Kollel Eretz Chemdah – the “Shabbos Umbrella”

Demystifying OU-D : Why Consumers Care

• Holy and mundane: Why Israel’s 1st Orthodox premier still rankles many religious

• The Woke Threat to America— and to American Jews

Safrus Shortage Has Caused Serious Lack of Mezuzos, and Sky High Prices

• Personal letters by rabbi known as ‘Hazon Ish’ come to National Library of Israel

• Christian colleges can fight lawsuit seeking to block Title IX

European rabbis warn Jewish freedom of worship threatened

• Ice Cream: Liquid Or Solid?

• Libya’s Jewish graveyards were destroyed. They are being rebuilt online.

• A German Talmud translation on Sefaria

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