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• MAJOR CRISIS: School Shuts Down, Others Raise Tuition As Financial Woes Slam The Chinuch System

• The Tosefta Erfurt manuscript – Ms. or. fol. 1220, or: A Walk through Jewish History

• RH Jachter – Dispelling Myths About Orthodox Gittin

• RY Adlerstein – Response to Rav Feldman

• Russian immigration streams in as Israel predicts uptick in Western newcomers

• ‘Hard-pressed’ to imagine world without ‘Shulchan Aruch’ 450 years after Joseph Caro’s death, experts say

• Columbia’s Jewish Commencement

UJA 2023 New York Jewish Community Study

• Anti-Zionism forced us to withdraw from Reconstructionist seminary

• Iranian Jew’s execution reportedly delayed after prayer campaign by Jews around the world

• Fulfilling the Vision: Rabbi Steinsaltz’s Writings and Teachings are Accessible Online

• Police Officers Are Burning Out. Can Chaplains Help?

• RM Taragin – Look in the Mirror

• RH Jachter – Frequently Asked Questions About Shaving and Peyot

• R Novick – Career Envy: Elevating the Profile of Jewish Education Careers

• We need to be less Hungarian-focused and more Polish-focused – Are We Ashkenormative or Ashkefardic?

• Despite it all, modern Britain remains one of the best places for Jews to live in history

• Jews in Europe are removing the mezuzah off their door to hide their Judaism

• In central Bnei Brak: Israeli flag flown on roof of Ponevezh Yeshiva

• Note the LSJS Rabba on the list – Rabbis add their voices to condemning Rafah operation

• Rabbi Rimon learns Mishnayot with bereaved children

• This Yom Ha’atzmaut, we need the humility to question Israel

• At US retreat, volunteer guards train to protect synagogues in post-Oct. 7 world

• The Exodus Project: A Jewish Answer to the University Crisis

• With 275 years of ghosts, Charleston’s Jewish leaders bullish on its future

• Nearly 1 million Jews live in NYC, new study finds

• Some Oct. 7 victims excluded from Jewish cemeteries in Israel

• Yehi Shalom B’Cheileikh: Celebrating Rabbi Carmy’s 50 Years of Teaching at YU

• Catholic school can legally fire teacher in gay marriage: court

• RB Wein – Swimming against the tide

• RM Taragin – Yom Ha’Atzmaut in the Shadow of October 

• New Specialized IDF Units and Pre-Military Schools Meet Greatly Increased Haredi Recruitment

• Religious Zionist rabbis: ‘Keep rejoicing on Independence Day’

• Israeli university uses AI to decipher ancient Hebrew, Aramaic texts

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