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• ‘Go out to the streets’: Religious-Zionist rabbis to students: Join pro-reform campaign

• Israeli leader halts bill against Christian proselytizing

• Highly religious people struggle the most with faith when they experience suffering, study finds

• No, the Jewish Tradition Does Not Support Transgenderism

• The woke war on the family comes to Israel

• Inside the auction house driving the rare-book craze in the Orthodox world

• Biden admin. to rescind protections for religious student groups

• NY Times op-ed claiming falsely that Judaism believes in many genders – ‘Everyone Is a Created Being of Their Own’

• L Schiffman – What’s Really in the Vatican Library?

Archaeologists search for signs of Jewish past in Morocco’s southern oases

• Ancient Amorite Language Discovered

• This is a very big thing in my community – Orthodox High School Musical

• Shabbos morning davening can easily be 2-1/4 hours without changing any of the traditional prayers. I wouldn’t attend a minyan that regularly goes longer than that – Would shorter services make Shabbat morning sweeter?

• An article in Vogue magazine. Fashion is strange – It’s Not Modest Dressing. It’s the Torah-Teacher Aesthetic

• Interesting thoughts – New beit midrash: Digital and beyond

• Inflation Update: Will Pesach Prices Be Different This Year?

• INTERVIEW: ‘Being Chief Rabbi does not come naturally. It demands total dedication’

• S Rahav-Meir – The Ikea Effect

• The Chazon Ish, Ben-Gurion and Rav Tzvi Yehudah

• Bringing back the Friday night meal – One Idea, One Table, One Night

• N Wiederblank – What Artificial Intelligence Teaches Us about What it Means to be Human

• Amendment To Oregon Law Adds Teaching Jewish History In Public Schools

• Poll: Most Americans have positive attitude toward Jews

• ‘We are on the right side of history’ regarding school choice, says Agudath Israel leader

• War of Words Erupts Over Yeshiva Sovereignty

• Calif. sued for barring religious schools from special ed funds

• Jerusalem-Based Pregnancy Center Fights for Women and Babies

• Why the Tower of London holds a paradoxical place in Medieval England’s Jewish story

• Lessons we can learn from conservative Christians who tried to integrate varying degrees of LGBT ideas into their religious views. Boundaries disintegrate quickly – How the Revoice Project Failed

• In Iran, state religious coercion leads to secularism – Integralism, Christian and Islamic

• R A Gordimer – The Nishma Research 2023 Profile of the U.S. Orthodox Jewish Community – Important Statistics and Takeaways

• I’ve seen it in an old Brooklyn shul – When Meir Kahane’s Father Translated the Torah

• The continuing decline of non-Orthodox Judaism, one step further each generation – 21st-century trends: Reimagining the American Jewish experience

• Wanted: More Rabbis

• Fallacies about Mizrahi Jews and Israeli Politics

• A rabbi checks out a teenage Purim party. Finds bad behavior – Not Your Old-Time Purim Party

• Politics is so corrosive that it even can lead to a rabbi including eating chametz on Pesach within the “diversity of Judaism” – The slippery slope toward a monolithic Judaism

• Polarized politics is false – R Y Blau – Tolkien and contemporary politics

• Most Christians say they experience doubts about faith

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