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• E Reichman – Jews, Medicine and the University of Padua A Behind the Scenes (Virtual) Tour of a New Exhibit at the Jewish Museum of Padua

• Y Hoffman – The Ten Days That Disappeared in 1582

• Separation: The Origin of the Women’s Section in the Synagogue

• C Glick – Cultural appropriation and the Jews

• Meeting the Ancestors: DNA from a medieval German cemetery opens a window on the history of today’s largest Jewish population

• Yeshiva Dean Warns ‘Pathways’ May Lead Nowhere

• Desperately seeking rabbinical students – Ziegler rabbinical school to shorten program and shrink students’ time in Israel

• It has religious liberty provisions but not as robust as some would like – Gay marriage bill clears hurdle amid religious freedom concerns

• Over-heated rhetoric? – Yeshiva Advocates Equate State Regulation With ‘Cultural Genocide’

• Why More People, Jewish and Not, Are Embracing Shabbat

• Is Giving Tuesday good for the (fundraising) Jews?

• Rabbi serves kosher food to Jewish travelers at World Cup

• Another eruv in Brooklyn, this time very big (for the record, I don’t carry on Shabbos in Brooklyn) – Mayor Adams Completes Brooklyn Eruv Project by Signing 99-Year Lease for $1

• Playing professional sports on Shabbos is forbidden – A Kiddush Hashem?? – Rabbi Hershel Schachter

• R P Dunner – We Can’t Accept the Tyranny of Mediocrity

• Looted coin of Hanukkah villain found during bust of suspected artifact thief

• R H Jachter – Precision in Our Halachic Observance

• No discussion of the next logical question, who will pay our tuitions? – Who will pay our teachers?

• The Tzitz Eliezer did not permit sex reassignment surgery and his view of its effectiveness is very unclear – R T Sinensky – Demystifying R. Eliezer Waldenberg on Sex Reassignment Surgery

• Affidavit of Prof. Moshe Krakowski About Haredi Education (PDF)

• The Modern Orthodox Conundrum: Part I

• The Modern Orthodox Conundrum: : Part II: Why Is This Happening?

• Rabbi Shachter and Family Moved By Seeing Chabad’s LifeTown in New Jersey

• Did a 15th-Century Jew Beat Gutenberg to the Printing Press?

• Israel’s chief rabbi proposes amending the Law of Return

• Rabbis call on students not to go into tank corps after 3 women join course

• Website Launched To Verify Yichus Status

• R Chaim Drukman – ‘There is no problem with having a halachic state’

• Y Hoffman – The Husband Who Wore A Bulletproof Vest To Grant His Wife A Get

• R M Taragin – Has Judaism Become Too Easy?

• New study finds demand for Jewish chaplains, but lack of recognition in the community

• No, going to work isn’t observing Shabbos – Ryan Turell and the Challenge Of Modern Orthodoxy

• Gay marriage bill clears hurdle amid religious freedom concerns

• Chayim Aruchim Presents at Notre Dame Law School

• M Litwack – What to Do When Your Candidate Doesn’t Win

• Includes Lakewood roshei yeshiva – Kol Korei against Pshuto Shel Mikra

• An anonymous (and therefore cowardly) Hebrew pamphlet explaining the ban on Pshuto Shel Mikra (my opinion is that there are valid points but the rhetoric is way, way over the top. Just say that children should learn Chumash with Rashi before any other commentator) – Vayavinu Ba-Mikra

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