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Wishing everyone a kesivah va-chasimah tovah for a blessed year

• Prof S Fine – How Yeshiva University tries to balance ‘yeshiva’ and ‘university’

• I’ve always been a fan – How the Miami Boys Choir turned ‘Orthodox pop’ into a TikTok sensation

• Shomer pesa’im Hashem – Defying Ukraine’s wartime warnings, thousands of Hasidic pilgrims have made it to Uman for Rosh Hashanah

• A podcast I did five years ago – Podcast: Gil Student on the Journey into Orthodoxy

• M Helfand – Can the state tell yeshivas what they can teach? Here’s what the courts may decide

• New security measures for Orthodox synagogues will alert them to threats, even on Shabbat

• Shomer pesa’im Hashem – Defying Ukraine’s wartime warnings, thousands of Hasidic pilgrims have made it to Uman for Rosh Hashanah

• Confirmed as fake – Toe-gate 2022

The Civic Duties of Hasidic Schools

• M Hauer – Lehagdil Torah Uleha’adirah: Making the Torah Great, Glorious and Accessible

• M Bane – Are We Aspiring For A More Religious Tomorrow?

• YU Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur To-Go

• For the sin we have sinned by making people feel unwelcome at synagogues

• R Eis – The Dangers of Liberalism and Why YU Should Change Its Charter

• C Friedman – LGBTQ Club at Yeshiva University: An Analysis of Both Sides

• New York yeshiva asks transgender teacher to leave amid uproar over her identity

• What Christian Colleges Can Glean from the Supreme Court’s ‘Yeshiva’ Case

• YU continues to make a Kiddush Hashem by standing up for its principles – Yeshiva University suspends campus clubs after Supreme Court denies bid to block LGBTQ+ group

• Must-read article by M Krakowski – The Jews of the Jews

• The New York Times’s botched attack on Jewish schools

• The Not-So-Mysterious Logic of the Shiddukh System

• R M Hauer – Hasidic Schools: Who Gets To Define Success?

• A Message from Rabbi Ari Berman, President of Yeshiva University

• N Lewin – New York’s haredi kids can get better secular classes without government threats

• Defying ministry, rabbis tell school to put transgender boy in female-only class

• Good for the federation. Yeshiva affordability is among the highest concerns in the Orthodox community. If they did nothing to address it, they would be abandoning Orthodox Jews. If they tell Orthodox Jews how to observe Judaism, we would tell them to take a hike because our religion is not for sale – Report highlights New York Jewish federation’s role in securing funding for Hasidic yeshivas

• Supreme Court returns YU’s case against LGBTQ club to lower courts, but signals its interest in the issue

• A Shafran – What The New York Times’ story on Hasidic schools misses

• Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral: Shailos And Teshuvos

• How Literally Do Jews Take the Hebrew Bible?

• The Witness of Words

• Transgender school scandal: Education Ministry claims leading rabbi approved situation

• The Kashrus Triangle

• The Library of the Lublin Yeshiva

• Decline of Christianity Shows No Signs of Stopping

• WSJ – Yeshiva University Case Means We’re All Jews Now

• Substantial Equivalency Regulations Pass Regents Committee; Final Vote Expected Tuesday

• The People of the Bookstore

• Detransitioners share harms of transgender ‘cult’ in documentary

• Long-Hyped New York Times Investigation of Hasidic Yeshivas Fizzles

• Orthodox Jewish Schools Share Priorities of Most Americans

• R L Rothwachs – How Secure Are Our Connections?

In first, Israeli rabbinical court orders arrest of woman refusing divorce

• Israeli singer star refuses to perform on Shabbat

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