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• Spiritual Rules For New Charedi Brigade Being Formulated By Rabbi Leibel And IDF

• I’m old enough to remember when people thought that Charedim working was good – Yeshiva students in workforce despite prohibition, study finds

• RY Pfeffer – Charedi IDF Service: It’s up to Us

• Reform seminary launches remote learning ordination program

• Forgotten in a coconut field, an 800-year-old tombstone expands India’s Jewish history

• Your rabbi is in pain

• RY Ralbag – New temporary chief rabbi appointed in absence of elected rabbi

• RE Melamed – Amulets according to Jewish law

• RT Granot – A Way Forward on Haredi Draft

• Ivy League Students Call YU Home

• Ultra-Orthodox communities are refusing to vaccinate children

• RM Hauer – This Erev Shabbos: Am Yisrael’s Response to Crisis

• Evangelical Presbyterians Take on Debate Over Celibate Gay Pastors

• World Religions to commit to Rome Call on AI in Hiroshima

• Gallant says IDF to start recruiting ultra-Orthodox men next month

• Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah Releases Kol Korei

• Call for change: Reform Judaism leaders demand Rick Jacobs resigns

• NYT on a sheitel macher – She Makes Wigs Good Enough for Naomi

• Camp Simcha, a refuge for American kids with chronic illnesses, offers sanctuary and a chance for fun to war-wearied Israelis too

Yeshiva University President Ari Berman to Sign Rome Call for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethics at Conference in Hiroshima

The forgotten fighters: Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel’s War of Independence

Rabbi Neria Guttel Explains Procedure For Establishing Death Of Oct. 7th Victims Without Locating Body

• RM Hauer – An Inflection Point in Jewish Life—Mi va’Mi Haholchim

• RM Taragin – A ‘Moment’ for American Jewry

• RH Jachter – I think they are right – A Respectful Disagreement With the Beth Din of America About a Tuition Dispute

• Amateur detectives are invited to join search for a lost Jewish library looted by the Nazis

• Israel’s chief rabbis leave their posts as term ends with no election set

• 180 Nova survivors join Shabbaton in Jerusalem with Haredim

• RJ Muskat – The Accusation of Dual Loyalty: A Historical and Contemporary Perspective

• Faith leaders gather to promote restoring traditional values in America and Israel

• Is Britain’s Likely New Prime Minister Lazy for Celebrating Shabbat?

• N Lewin: Will the Law Protect Jewish Places of Worship From Antisemitic Mobs?

• Chareidi Soldier’s Family Wins Dispute: The Word “HY’D” Will Be Engraved On His Matzeivah

• The Old Yishuv and the unbroken presence of Jews in the Holy Land

• King Solomon at Gezer

• New IDF unit will exclusively cater to orthodox women 

• ‘I love this work, but it’s killing me’: The unique toll of being a spiritual leader today

• Towards a more Jewish IDF

• M Helfand – Louisiana’s Ten Commandments law tests the future of church-state separation

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