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• Rare video: Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neria sings High Holiday tunes

• R D Fischer – Oy vey survey

• Agunah Asifa Addresses The Agunah Crisis And Solutions Moving Forward

• A Dershowitz – Rabbis should not protest Israel at UN

• Israel’s largest four-species market set for 25th year in Jerusalem

• This raises some interesting ethical questions – Pastor sues for $1.5M after he’s defrocked for infidelity

• Ancient Torah study hall uncovered in Safed on site of luxury hotel

• Urgent Court Appeal Against Tel Aviv Municipality: “Mechitzot Are Only For Muslims?”

• World’s largest sukkah returning to Jerusalem

• Final investigation into prominent German Reform rabbi affirms abuse of power allegations

• How a Jerusalem synagogue preserves the soul of Italian Jewry

• This Is Not the End of the Synagogue

Temple Institute Rabbi: ‘Jews came from all of Israel to blow the shofar on Shabbat’

• UNESCO names Erfurt’s medieval Jewish buildings in Germany as World Heritage Site

• How a Jerusalem synagogue preserves the soul of Italian Jewry

• Yom Kippur War After 50 Years

• The Rise of the Yom Kippur Appeal

• R A Lopiansky – The Limits of Reason

• Self-identifying Jews – Global Jewish population hits 15.7 million ahead of new year, 46% of them in Israel

• An Extraordinary Library

• R M Taragin – The State of God in Our World

YUTorah To Go Rosh Hashanah

• Seems a bit extreme – Ultra-Orthodox rabbis decide to sue New York over having to teach English, science

• Seems a bit unwise – Tens of thousands of Jews flock to Uman for Rosh Hashanah pilgrimage despite another year of wartime warnings

• Z Eleff – The Current State of the Modern Orthodox Community

• Y Hoffman – OU Issues a Remarkable and Groundbreaking Study

• S Halpern – The Shofar of Dreams

• Why Don’t We Cry Anymore on the High Holidays?

• I hope they become available on other sites as well, for those of us who do not use Sefaria – More than 36 volumes of work by Rabbi Lord Sacks to be made digitally available

• This all much ado about nothing. When danger is prevalent (shechi’ah hezeika), we cannot rely on a mitzvah to protect us. This is basic – Rabbi Yuval Cherlow: Netanyahu is both very right and very wrong

• I don’t know anything about this school but kids who don’t fit into the standard mold need schools that don’t fit into the standard mold – Was a modern Orthodox school too open-minded for its own good?

• The Trans Scandal and the Parent Underground

• Rav Soloveitchik (video) – The Secret of the Baal Teshuva

• NJ court rules in favor of woman who used social media to lobby for Jewish divorce

• New to Israel? Rabbis here aren’t the same as they are elsewhere

• R Y Motzen – The Real Shidduch Crisis

• On the end of the phenomenon of kosher delis open on Shabbos, blaming it on Orthodox chumros rather than assimilation of the non-Orthodox – How a religious revival fed the demise of the Midtown kosher deli

• R Y Hoffman – American-Like Chinuch Emerges in Eretz Yisroel

• R M Taragin – Actually, Torah Is In the Heavens

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