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Audio Roundup Special: Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz- Birchas Kohanim

by Joel Rich   Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz- Birchas Kohanim Shiur 01 – The Role of the Tzibur in Birchas Kohanim Is there a mitzva for yisraelim to receive birchat cohanim? Some possible shitot to say yes. If yes, what is the nature of the mitzva? There are a number of nakfa mins. Shiur 02 – A Kohein ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:30

by Joel Rich From a letter to the commentator: Here is the issue that no one is talking about. Women are choosing not to register for the array of Talmud classes we offer. The opportunities are available. We encourage students to take these classes. Shrinking enrollments in them means that we cannot offer certain classes. What we need to understand ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:29

by Joel Rich My Comment: IMHO the main issue is: “We are not oblivious to the frustration that parts of Israeli society sense concerning economic, military, and other issues and are willing to engage in dialogue to resolve it. ” Up to now it seems that there is no overlap between the minimal goals of the rest of society and ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:28

by Joel Rich In a recent shiur R H Schachter mentioned that one of the reasons for the attempted restart of smicha in tzfat was in order to be able to give malkot (and associated kapara) to those who submitted to christianity. He then mentioned that those rabbis assumed a court of smuchim could do this even without hatraa having ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:27

by Joel Rich Any thoughts on why the chacham tzvi decided to address the golem issue. I understand that they were Kabbalistic masters, who claimed the ability. Perhaps there were also secular myths and stories (alchemists et al) A couple of questions came up over Shabbat , which I was wondering if you have any insight into The machloket between ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Rabbi Wiederblank

by Joel Rich   Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank-Hilchot Aveilut The Halachos of Bikur Cholim Is the main element of bikur cholim that of prayer, practical assistance or friendship? Which prayers are appropriate, by whom, and when?,-malpractice,-and-extortion/ The Halachos of Refua: Practicing medicine, malpractice, and extortion Hashkafically how much hishtadlut is required in seeking medical care? Perhaps it depends ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:26

by Joel Rich Question: I was wondering if you have any thoughts on why the mechaber said he was going to give psak based on the 2 of 3 rulel(which in my mind was a huge chiddush that I was never sure of the basis for) but it seems to me if one were actually to read his work without ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:25

by Joel Rich Comment to a magid shiur concerning learning priorities: One way of looking at it is that life is all about having manageable and realistic expectations based on what dives your life meaning. In the US, starting in the 1970s, there began, unintentionally(?), a huge experiment of reallocating parental time away from children and to work for both ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Straus Center

by Joel Rich Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought Twice Blest: Exploring Shakespeare and the Hebrew Bible  collection Dr. Shaina Trapedo ,Dr. Jeffrey R. Wilson -“That foul defacer of God’s handiwork”: Bodies in the Hebrew Bible and Richard III How does one view Richard the third’s deformity – as divine governance, a predetermined mark, a window to ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:24

by Joel Rich Landes closes with this powerful passage: I am overwhelmed by the realization that Rav Lichtenstein took this religious philosophy that he developed when he was 24 years old and proceeded to live his entire life by it. A life without simple solutions, a life with constant maximum effort, and a life lived continuously and consciously in the ...

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