Giving Teruma to a Kohen

Question: Would it be better, when I take off terumot and ma’asrot, to give the teruma to a kohen instead of wrapping and throwing it out? Answer: First, let us consider what a kohen could do with teruma he received. It is forbidden to eat teruma when either the eater (Rambam, Terumot 7:1) or the teruma (ibid. 2:14) is tameh. ...

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Preferring the Fruits of Eretz Yisrael

by R. Daniel Mann Question: Do the fruit of Eretz Yisrael in our times have kedusha that would make it preferable to eat them over other foods? Answer: Usually discussion of kedusha of the Land’s produce relates to land-based mitzvot. Without going into detail, we posit that most land-based mitzvot apply on a Rabbinic level rather than a Torah-level after ...

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Alternative Afikoman

by R. Daniel Mann Question: In some years, my kids have been aggressive about hiding the afikoman. They have hid it in places where it broke into several pieces. When I have not found it, they have “negotiated” its return for more than I think is proper. In such a case, can I just use a different piece of matza? ...

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