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Audio Roundup 2024:25

by Joel Rich I’ve asked before about general rules of psak. I just heard R H Schachter say that each of the machloketim of Abaye and Rava were paskined individually and that only in yal kgam did they individually hold like abaye (not that there was a general rue {I think it was in his 2016 Sanhedrin series – around ...

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Audio Roundup 2024:24

by Joel Rich During a recent Q&A session, R S Fuerst (Chicago) mentioned that the moetzet gdolei hatora had developed open orthodoxy as being beyond the pale of orthodoxy. Has anyone seen an official pronouncement on this issue? Heard from R Asher Weiss – ana in ana hashem ki ani avdecha is spelled with a hei not an alef. The ...

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Audio Roundup 2024:23

by Joel Rich From Tradition: I’d be interested in hearing reactions to the following from the piece: What questions remain? In creating a non-tiered community, has Modern Orthodoxy excluded lower economic strata who might have done well at a “lower price point”? Is a lower middle class Modern Orthodox model tenable? Does it exist “out-of-town”? Why doesn’t it exist ...

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Audio Roundup Special: The Mussar Dispute

by Joel Rich   Dr. Marc Shapiro-The Mussar Dispute Part 1 This series will deal with the controversies surrounding the early years of the mussar movement, primarily based on the series of books “Pulmas Hamusar” written by Dov Katz. Why should we study this history given that some great rabbis were involved in ways that might not reflect ...

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Audio Roundup 2024:22

by Joel Rich Are there any Cohanim today who claim to be a cohain myuchasim (vs cohanei chazaka)? If so, is such a claim halachically valid? The gemara (sukka 53a) records some herculean juggling by some leading rabbinic figures (R shimon ben gamliel, levi, shmuel and abaye). Would you assume this skill took practice or was it a supernatural gift. ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Rav Schachter Masmidim

by Joel Rich The Rav on Tzitzis and Teffilin Tzitzit issues including: holes for tzitzit, when and how to do atifa, and kissing tzitzit or not. Tfillin issues including: shel rosh/yad timing, stitching retzuot to shel yad, and the shape of the daled knot. Also covered, saying yigdal or adon olam at the end of davening and the ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Rabbi Wiederblank on Maharal’s Tiferes Yisrael

by Joel Rich   Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank-Maharal Tiferes Yisrael 1: Hakdama part 1: Mistakes in Torah, Torah is for everybody The Maharal framed kabalistic ideas in philosophical terms. Tora is for all, the mitzvah is laasok = to do your best. Maharal Tiferes Yisrael 2: Hakdama part 2 Chazal recognized the human element in everyone (including talmidei ...

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Audio Roundup 2024:21

by Joel Rich Has anyone heard a reason why the practice of the chazan saying the bracha on hallel first (followed by the kahal) was established? Similarly, the rabbi/chazan counting sfira? (other than so everyone knows the date or so to be yotzei with him if you forgot a day) Any thoughts on the ordering of the requests in rosh ...

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Audio Roundup 2024:20

by Joel Rich The S”A (OC 496:3) discussed an israel in chul on 2nd day yom tov not being bound by restrictions unless he is within the tchum of a jewish community. Does this apply to bnai chul who keep one day in israel and then travel back to chul? In either case if they land in a chul airport ...

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Audio Roundup 2024:19

by Joel Rich My comment on the most recent Tradition : A very sad read. I’d suggest that much of the phenomenon is due to the wrong frame of reference (what everyone else has) rather than on “When Rabbi Zusha was on his deathbed, his students found him in uncontrollable tears. They tried to comfort him by telling him ...

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