About The Reyd

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The Reyd is a collection of news and links that are deemed relevant for (primarily Orthodox) Jewish leaders.

The Reyd is a project of Torah Musings and is edited by Rabbi Gil Student.

The Reyd (pr. raid) – n. “Unofficial information spread through the grapevine” (Weiser), especially information related to Talmud study.
(definition from here, based on Frumspeak: The First Dictionary of Yeshivish by Chaim Weiser)

1. Links do not imply agreement. They imply that it is important for a Jewish leader to know about the linked article or website.
2. Links can lead to Jewish, Christian, secular and other types of websites and news organizations.
3. Some links may lead to sites that require subscription. If you do not subscribe, you might be able to gain legitimate free access by searching for the headline on Google or social media.
4. As a general policy, with very limited exceptions, The Reyd will not link to articles about accusations or charges until there is a conviction in court.

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