New Periodical

New Periodical: RJJ Journal LXIII

New issue of The Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society (LXIII, Spring 2012): Addressing Child Molestation in School Setting: A Halachic and Religious Perspective by R. Yona Reiss – A very sober discussion of the issue, addressing the fairly simple case of certain crime and the much more complex case of uncertain crime. Explains the position that requires asking a ...

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New Periodical: Dialogue 1:2

The second issue of Dialogue (Winter 5772) was published: When Tzedek Isn’t: The Conservative Movement Finds a Cause by R. Avi Shafran (link – R. Shafran confusingly offers multiple critiques of Magen Tzedek but I believe his main point is that this enterprise emerges from a secular rather than religious impulse. I suspect he is correct but don’t find any ...

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New Periodical: Hakirah 12

The Fall 2011 issue of Hakirah (no. 12) is out: Letters to the Editor – A very lively discussion! 1) Dr. Bernard Fryshman questions Hakirah’s existence in that it causes people with simple faith to ask difficult questions. The editor responds at length that this is precisely the journal’s goal and it is a good thing. 2) R. Abraham Kelman ...

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New Periodical: RJJ Journal LXII

A great new issue of The Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society (RJJ Journal) LXII, Succot 5772 Fall 2011, has been published: Nullification of a Conversion by R. Chaim Jachter – Recognizes that a minority opinion exists that is very lenient but normative opinion is that acceptance of commandments is absolutely required. Majority opinion is that a conversion is annulled ...

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New Periodical: Tradition 44:2

The Summer 2011 issue of Tradition (44:2) is out, with some explosive material (not yet online): The House I Lived In: A Taste of Gooseflesh by R. Shalom Carmy – Some Orthodox Jews are uncomfortable with converts for reasons that are not racist. But discomfort with people from different backgrounds is still small-minded. I’d add that many ba’alei teshuvah face ...

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New Periodical: Dialogue 1:1

A new journal, Dialogue, was recently sent to a broad mailing list and has been the talk of the town this past week. The journal claims to be a platform for “the intelligent, Torah-oriented discussion of important contemporary issues and ideas by writers who are both steeped in Torah knowledge and committed exclusively to its values.” The journal’s rabbinic board ...

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New Periodical: Tradition 44:1

There is a great new issue of Tradition, 44:1, Spring 2011 (link): The Litvaks’ Buried Treasure: Further Thoughts on the Dictum “The Holier the Feeling, the More Intimate” by R. Shalom Carmy – A critique of touchy-feely Judaism and the public emotionalism that many see as true Judaism Death in the Writings of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik by Prof. Gerald ...

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New Periodical: Hakirah vol. 11 (Spring 2011)

A new issue of Hakirah is out, volume 11 (Spring 2011 – link). It continues to be one of the most interesting reads in the Jewish community. Letters – Yitzchak Kasdan and R. Yehuda Warburg debate an article on non-halakhic wills. R. Ron Eisenman raises a historical question regarding who persuaded Rav Kook to refrain from attending R. Sonnenfeld’s funeral ...

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New Periodical: RJJ Journal LXI

A really great issue of The Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society (Pesach 5771, Spring 2011): Confirming Piskei Din in Secular Court by R. Yaakov Feit and Dr. Michael Helfand — A convincing article that from both the legal and halakhic perspectives, confirming a beis din’s ruling in secular court is permissible and even recommended. The article is online here: ...

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New Periodical: Tradition 43:4

The new issue of Tradition 43:4 (Winter 2010) has arrived. Tradition and Modernity in the House of Study: Reconsidering the Relationship Between the Conceptual and Critical Methods of Studying Talmud by R. David C. Flatto – A passionate argument to combine lomdus and academic study of the Talmud, openly (and refreshingly) admitting the problems and dangers involved. Cold Fury, Hidden ...

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