New Periodical

New Periodical: RJJ Journal LXV

New issue of the Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society LXV (Spring 2013/Pesach 5773): Pens, Pads, and PCs–Writing on Shabbat for Medical Care by R. Dr. Raphael Hulkower – Excellent article on the subject, with a lot of very good points and sources. He missed a few recent sources in his survey (e.g. R. Eliezer Melamed’s discussion in his Peninei ...

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New Periodical: Verapo Yerape IV

The Journal of Torah and Medicine of the Einstein College of Medicine Synagogue and RIETS, Verapo Yerape, published a fourth volume: Bone Marrow Donation in Jewish Law by R. Asher Bush – Donation is obligatory once a match is established. Being tested for a match is meritorious but not required. Similarly, when a critical patient requires your type of blood, ...

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New Periodical: Tradition 45:4

Tradition 45:2 (Winter 2012): The Lost Childhood of Doeg by R. Shalom Carmy – A call to condemn adult bullying and to stop glorifying bullies Ancient Sources, Modern Problems: A Methodological Analysis of Rashi’s Position on Brainstem Death by R. Daniel Reifman – A very technical article (by a doctoral candidate in hermeneutics) arguing that no proof can be brought ...

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New Periodical: Hakirah 14

A massive new issue of Hakirah (vol. 14, Winter 2012): Letters – Responding to an article about a unity celebration of Yom Ha-Atzma’ut in 1953, Dr. Marvin Schick argues that it was an exception and the Orthodox community was more fractured then than now. Editor disagrees (I agree with Dr. Schick). Malka Nussbaum writes about the possible side effects of ...

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New Periodical: Tradition 45:3

Tradition, Winter 2012 (45:3): Why Hats are Wasted on the Young: An Essay in Practical Theodicy by R. Shalom Carmy – Not everything in life is a divine reward or punishment. This is NOT about the propriety of young men wearing black hats. Yehuda Halevi and the Philosophical Use of Metaphor by Prof. Shubert Spero – Three examples of important ...

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New Periodical: RJJ Journal LXIV

New issue of The Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society (Sukkot 5773, Fall 2012, No. LXIV): Deafness in Halacha: A Reappraisal by R. Moshe Taub – Deaf people who can communicate or even hear with a hearing aid or cochlear implant fall somewhere between the classical deaf person and someone who can fully communicate. This article explores where halakhah will ...

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New Periodical: Tradition 45:2

Tradition 45:2 (Summer 2012) has been published (not yet online): “Good and Very Good”: Moderation and Extremism in the Scheme of Creation by R. Norman Lamm – A clever and elegant interpretation of the term “good” in the first two chapters of Genesis. As We are Now is Not the Only Way to Be: On the Place of Humanities in ...

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New Periodical: Tradition 45:1

A blockbuster issue of Tradition (45:1, Spring 2012) has been published: The One Thing That Money Can’t Buy by R. Shalom Carmy, Avi Woolf and R. Yitzchak Blau – Avi Woolf’s guest post on this blog on Modern Orthodoxy and fun (link), in response to an article by R. Yitzchak Blau, gave rise to this discussion on the subject in ...

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New Periodical: Alei Etzion 17

Volume 17 (Iyar 5772) of Alei Etzion: A Eulogy For My Father by R. Yoel Amital – a moving eulogy for R. Yehuda Amital The Legitimacy to Be Human in the Thought of Rav Amital by R. Amnon Bazak – R. Amital strongly believed in admitting and even embracing the frailty of humanity, a refreshing concept Chillul ha-Shem Committed by ...

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New Periodical: Hakirah 13

A hefty Hakirah vol. 13 (Spring 2012) has been published: Letter and Responses on SSA – Academic psychiatrists object to the science, R. David Wolpe objects to the treatment of R. Elliot Dorff and R. Aryeh Klapper responds to many aspects of Dr. Joseph Berger’s article on homosexuality, and Dr. Berger replies at length to the heated arguments. Judaism and ...

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