Audio Roundup Special: Rabbi Wiederblank on Maharal’s Tiferes Yisrael

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by Joel Rich


Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank-Maharal Tiferes Yisrael 1:

Hakdama part 1: Mistakes in Torah, Torah is for everybody

The Maharal framed kabalistic ideas in philosophical terms. Tora is for all, the mitzvah is laasok = to do your best.

Maharal Tiferes Yisrael 2: Hakdama part 2

Chazal recognized the human element in everyone (including talmidei chachamim). Birchat hatora is about coming to learning with the right attitudes (emotion and intellect).

Maharal Tiferes Yisrael 3: Hakdama part 3

Why was not saying birchat hatora worthy of causing the destruction of the temple? It showed the learning was for the wrong reasons. Question – do some people love the torah more than the love HKBH? (what about family?)

Maharal Tiferes Yisrael 4: Hakdama part 4

Many things can cause talmidei chachamim not to have children who are exactly the same as them, including the wrong attitude towards learning. We can become tamim in the positive sense of harmony with HKBH through talmud torah. Tmimut is a positive mida.

Maharal Tiferes Yisrael 5: Hakdama part 5

There’s no danger of being naïve (peti) with torah because it’s 100% emet. Attaining clarity is important as torah provides ntzchiyut.

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