Audio Roundup 2024:7

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by Joel Rich

In the recent Hakira (34) there was an exchange concerning R Y Karo’s authorial/intent in writing the S”A. R M Shapiro uses the introduction to the S”A to show “ his purpose was to write a practical halachic work”. R A Storch felt the purpose was, “a tool to remember the information contained in the Bet Yosef”.
I think R Shapiro’s position is more widely held but I always wonder why then didn’t the S”A stick more to apodictic laws rather than so many yesh omrims etc? Thoughts?

At a recent business conference there was much discussion about hiring/doing business with other frum Jews (as long as there’s no material loss caused). Any thoughts on how this interacts with our responsibilities to our host societies? How would we process non-Jewish businesses preferencing other non-Jewish businesses?

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About Joel Rich

Joel Rich is a frequent wannabee cyberspace lecturer on various Torah topics. A Yerushalmi formerly temporarily living in West Orange, NJ, his former employer and the Social Security administration support his Torah listening habits. He is a recovering consulting actuary.

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