Audio Roundup 2024:5

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by Joel Rich

Tshuvat hamishkal (repentance through weighty efforts?) does seem to have started with the rishonim (although chasidei Ashkenaz were heavily invested in it IIUC). The interesting question to me is did it exist before then and just not documented or was it something that the times called for in contrast to prior times?
A poster commented on the above: BTW, I do not agree with or endorse everything Weissman writes, but here he has a point.

My comment was:
I’m not exactly sure what his point is. If it’s to say that the current war is not a milchemes mitzva, then there’s what to discuss by bringing sources, etc.

If his point is to cast unsubstantiated aspersions on several groups of people, then he has certainly done that.

If the point is that the army failed to prevent the catastrophe with its efforts, then he would also have to explain why prayer and good deeds did not prevent those who thought they were living under the torah law by his definition from being eradicated.

I keep hearing from across the spectrum, how we need unity, I don’t see how this piece furthers that purpose

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