Audio Roundup 2020:30

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by Joel Rich

Note to presenter on triage:
Enjoyed your class, especially you’re putting it in terms of consequentialist versus formalists (I might’ve said deontologists)
Especially interested in the issue of not using the priority categories in horiyot The statement that it’s difficult to do these days somehow doesn’t seem to have sufficient force for me. The more general question however is did the re-interpreting it as not being life-saving iTriage priorities come from an internal analysis or from an external feeling that this narrative would not fit the poseiks halachic intuition

If one had full intent to be yotzeih with another’s birchat hanehenin and then did not eat, is it a bracha l’vatala for him?

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Joel Rich is a frequent local lecturer on various Torah topics in West Orange, NJ and supports his Torah listening habits by working as a consulting actuary.

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