Audio Roundup 2019:46

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by Joel Rich

Three important lessons (Kach mkublani mbeit avi abba v’imi morati and the R’YBS machzor) were reinforced in my Yom Kippur experience (1) HKBH owes us nothing, anything we get is chesed (2) Our efforts are up to us [and that’s what we’re judged on] the results are up to HKBH (3) In the end (sim shalom) we put the turbulence behind us and rest easy with all being in HKBH’s hands. Now if I could truly internalize all that…

If one eats sliced apple as part of the meal (e.g. waldorf salad), would you still make a bracha on apple slices dipped in honey after making hamotzi? Explain your answer please.

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About Joel Rich

Joel Rich is a frequent local lecturer on various Torah topics in West Orange, NJ and supports his Torah listening habits by working as a consulting actuary.

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