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by Joel Rich

Re: contact sports. I know there is a debate as to whether the ability to waive liability refers to both monetary and spiritual liabilities. I was wondering, according to those who said you can waive the spiritual liability, whether that would also work retroactively (e.g. would somebody escape lashes for less than a penny’s worth of damage -if the aggrieved party waived the spiritual damages after the fact of the hit)

From Ross Douthat – To Change the Church:

“And if it is the latter. If it has a changeless core, there must come a time when a given set of proposed reforms would mean not adaptation but rupture, not reading the signs of the times but surrendering to the spirit of the age. There must come a point at which the rigorists are right about what cannot be surrendered and the accommodationists are wrong. There must come a point at which the Jansenists of the right, too scrupulous and too ascetic, find their mirror image in an anti-Jansenism of the left, too worldly and self-satisfied and no less destructive in its effects upon the faith.” Any parallels to schisms in orthodoxy.
“This idea was very Kasperian, akin to the cardinal’s suggestion that the church’s teaching on marriage and sexuality asked too much of the “ordinary Christian.” It also came perilously close to contradicting not only John Paul and other recent popes but the Council of Trent in the sixteenth century and countless teaching documents in between. The idea that some circumstances do “not allow” Christians to avoid sin, that God’s grace is sometimes insufficient and the moral life sometimes resembles Star Trek’s no-win Kobayashi Maru training exercise, would be a serious revision of the church’s traditional position—closer to certain Protestant theologies than to Catholic moral teaching as defined and defended by past councils and past popes.”

Do we believe that HKB”H ever puts us in a situation where sin is inevitable? (R’Dessler’s nkudat habechira)

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