New Periodical: Tradition Fall 2014

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imageA great new issue of Tradition 47:3 (Fall 2014):

  • Is Sophocles Literature? Is Anything Not? On the Way to Ramban by R. Shalom Carmy – An argument for the need to analyze the Bible as literature but an important corrective to superficial or irreverent study.
  • A Brief of Overview of Some of the Issues Related to the Hetter Mekhira by R. Daniel Z. Feldman – If you are only going to read one article on Heter Mekhirah, it should be this. A clear and thorough presentation of the different arguments with thorough footnotes.
  • The Propriety of a Conditional Divorce by R. A. Yehuda Warburg – Contemporary debate over whether a husband may give a get on condition. This is cutting-edge practical halakhah with very interesting citations from the files of Israeli batei din.
  • Pouring Out Your Heart: Rabbi Nachman’s Hitbodedut and its Piaseczner Reverberations by R. Dr. Zvi Leshem – Finds a surprising connection between these two thinkers, even though the Piaseczner never quotes Rav Nachman.
  • Rav Kook: Mystic in a Time of Evolution by R. Dr. Hillel Goldberg – An exciting, enticing review of R. Yehuda Mirsky’s biography of Rav Kook.
  • Faith and Scholarship Can Walk Together: Rav Amnon Bazak on the Challenges of Academic Bible Study in Traditional Learning by R. Hayyim Angel – An issue-by-issue overview of how to be faithful and even thrive in the face of biblical criticism and related studies. Especially important in emphasizing the limits of traditional Jewish belief.
  • Communications – R. Yehuda Herzl Henkin, R. Henry Hasson, R. Heshie Billet and Rs. Aryeh and Dov Frimer on Partnership Minyanim. R. A. Yehudah Warburg with a follow-up on a prior proposal, discarding it as legally unenforceable.

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