Top 25 of 2012

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The past twelve months have been very busy. With the change of the calendar year, we can take the opportunity to look back at the high points. Below are the top 25 blog posts based on unique readers (excluding News & Links). The main lesson to me is that readers enjoy guest posts.

  1. R. Michael Broyde, Women Wearing Tallit?, 12/11/2012
  2. R. Michael Broyde, Women’s Only Torah Reading, 10/15/2012
  3. R. Eli Clark, The Fanat in the Hat, 2/26/2012
  4. R. Gil Student, Three Easy Steps to a Kosher Jesus, 1/17/2012
  5. R. Gil Student, Defusing the Rav’s Bomb, 3/27/2012
  6. R. Ari Enkin, Mishna Berura vs. Aruch Hashulchan, 2/28/2012
  7. R. Gil Student, Rav Kotler and Rav Soloveitchik, 7/9/2012
  8. R. Michael Broyde, Building A Better Siddur, 1/22/2012
  9. Dr. Nachum Klafter, Sexual Misconduct and the Question of Rehabilitation, 11/28/2012
  10. R. Gil Student, Factchecking the Slifkin-Bleich Debate, 3/15/2012
  11. R. Gil Student, Rav Soloveitchik and R. Meir Kahane, 4/15/2012
  12. Hadassah Levy, Removing Women’s Pictures from Photographs, 1/29/2012
  13. R. Aryeh Frimer, She-lo Asani Isha Revisited, Once Again!, 1/10/2012
  14. R. Gil Student, Two New Slifkin Supporters, 10/4/2012
  15. R. Michael Broyde, The Sound of Silence, 4/30/2012
  16. R. Raphael Davidovich, Women and Judaism: Refocusing the Discussion, 10/18/2012
  17. R. Gil Student, The Road Forward for Modern Orthodoxy, 7/20/2012
  18. R. Gil Student, Without Da’as, Whence Da’as Torah?, 1/4/2012
  19. R. Gil Student, Attending the Internet Gathering, 5/6/2012
  20. R. Gil Student, Koren Steinsaltz Talmud, 6/21/2012
  21. R. Jon Gross, Selling to Buffett, 3/25/2012
  22. R. Gil Student, The Decline and Fall of Local Rabbinic Authority, 7/8/2012
  23. R. Michael Broyde, Convert on a Bet Din for Conversion, 7/1/2012
  24. R. Gil Student, Conservative Annulments, 1/31/2012
  25. Prof. Shlomo Karni, How Many Came Out Of Egypt?, 1/24/2012

About Gil Student

Rabbi Gil Student is the Editor of, a leading website on Orthodox Jewish scholarly subjects, and the Book Editor of the Orthodox Union’s Jewish Action magazine. He writes a popular column on issues of Jewish law and thought featured in newspapers and magazines, including The Jewish Link, The Jewish Echo and The Vues. In the past, he has served as the President of the small Jewish publisher Yashar Books and as the Managing Editor of OU Press. Rabbi Student currently is serving his third term on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America and also serves as the Director of the Halacha Commission of the Rabbinical Alliance of America. He serves on the Editorial Board of Jewish Action magazineand the Board of OU Press. He has published four English books, the most recent titled Search Engine volume 2: Finding Meaning in Jewish Texts -- Jewish Leadership, and served as the American editor for Morasha Kehillat Yaakov: Essays in Honour of Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.


  1. i thought this was a jewish blog – 2012? if so the best was 12-12-12. gevalt, what’s wrong with 5773?

  2. “She-lo”? (#13)
    I would pronounce that Shiloh, where I live.
    Better Sh’lo.

  3. Shlomo, I am in awe of your frumkeit. May all Jewish children grow up to reject blog timestamps like you. Which of the four New Years mentioned in the Mishnah apply to blogs?

  4. interesting enough, when i went into rav seraya devliteski this morning, as i do every secular month when the salary comes in, and give him some zedaka to distribute, i say chodesh tov with a smile. today he said shana tova with a bigger one. everyone in the room stared, and i hope they won’t be institute a minhag based on his inside joke with me.
    just a pointer of how galuti even the frumest are. the kupat cholim pharmacy is closed for the yearly inventory.
    one more point, my latest grandaughter, baylah bina, was born bein hashmashot between 28-29 kislev and so we don’t know what date to write. but have no fear, in any case she was born on 12-12-12.

    a gut yom tov to all those who have a rosh hashsanah for blogs.

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