Parashah Roundup: Shelakh 5772

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by Steve Brizel

  • Rav Soloveitchik ZL and Yivadleinu LCVhaim,. R Avigdor Nevenzal discuss the connectuion between Chet Miryam and Chet HaMeraglim: link (audio)
  • R Berel Wein discusses why the basic right of the Jewish people to live in the Land of Israel under Jewish sovereignty is not given to discussion and argument: link
  • RYissocher Frand, based upon a comment of the Ponevzher Rav ZL, reminds us of the special nature of the Land of Israel, and why events in the Land of Israel unfold in special ways: link
  • R Yitzchak Etshalom explores the Torah’s two recounting of the mission and transgression of the spies: link
  • The Nesivos Shlaom, ZL, as explicated by R Yitzhak Adlerstein, explores the mistaken thinking and attitudes of the spies: link
  • R Sir Jonathan Sacks explains why freedom needs patience: link, and the fear of freedom of the spies: link (PDF)
  • R Shlomoh Riskin, based on the Abarbanel, explores the failure of the Maapilim and the death of Tselofchad: link
  • RMosheh Lichtenstein and R Asher Brander discusses the different approaches to leadership of Yehoshuah Ben Nun and Calev: link 1, link 2
  • R Ezra Bick contrasts the commandment of Moshe Rabbeinu to the spies to ascend to the Land of Israel, and the departure of the spies from his instructions: link
  • R Michael Rosensweig explores the transgression of the spies: link, and halachic values in the aftermath of their transgression., and why the Land of Israel is the corporate headquarters of Klal Yisrael: link (audio)
  • R Herschel Schachter and R Mordechai Willig discuss proper usage of the internet: link 1 (audio), link 2 (audio)
  • R Asher Weiss discusses Mitzvas Tzitzis: link (audio)
  • R Mordechai Willig reminds us that the summer months require a special level of adherence to Bamidbar 15:39: link
  • R Yakov Haber explains why Nesachim are a central supplement of Korbanos: link, and three Mitzvos given in the aftermath of the episode of the spies: link
  • R Herschel Schachter discusses why no Galus lasts forever: link (audio), and Techeles and Mesorah: link (audio), and the Mitzvah of separating Chalah: link (audio)
  • R Baruch Simon discusses why even an Anav must take the initiative as a leader: link (audio)
  • R Avigdor Nevenzal reminds us that we must be worthy of the Land of Israel: link (audio)
  • R Dovid Gottlieb discusses various Halachos related to the components of a Minyan, and machine made Tzitzis: link 1 (audio), link 2 (audio)
  • R Zvi Romm discusses the commentary of the Meshech Chachmah on this week’s Parsha: link (audio)
  • Repairing the Transgression of the Meraglim

  • R Yonasan Sacks discusses various aspects of Kedushas Eretz Yisrael: link 1 (audio), link 2 (audio), link 3 (audio), link 4 (audio), link 5 (audio), link 6 (audio), link 7 (audio), link 8 (audio), link 9 (audio), link 10 (audio), link 11 (audio), link 12 (audio), link 13 (audio), link 14 (audio), link 15 (audio), link 16 (audio), link 17 (audio), link 18 (audio), link 19 (audio), link 20 (audio), link 21 (audio), link 22 (audio), link 23 (audio), link 24 (audio), link 25 (audio), link 26 (audio), link 27 (audio), link 28 (audio), link 29 (audio), link 30 (audio), link 31 (audio), link 32 (audio), link 33 (audio), link 34 (audio), link 35 (audio)
  • R Aryeh Lebowitz discusses the Israeli flag: link (audio), and the contrasting views of R Yissocher Teichtal HaShem Yimkam Damo: link (audio), and the Satmar Rav ZL: link (audio)
  • Halacha and Contemporary Issues Special

  • R Chaim Eisenstein discusses Hilcos Shabbos and the developmentally disabled: link (audio)
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