Prince William The Conqueror

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Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married in September, 1981. At that time, Bloom County was less than a year old. The comic strip began addressing the royal couple three months after the wedding, poking fun (not always goodnaturedly) at the concept of royals in that day and the general public spectacle. When Prince William was born in June, 1982, Bloom County included the baby as an occasional character.

Sadly, Berkely Breathed did not resurrect Bloom County to cover today’s wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. In honor of the royal nuptials, I include below a few classic Bloom County comic strips from Bloom County: The Complete Collection, Vol. 1: 1980-1982. Click on the images to enlarge them.

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  1. who on earth would buy and read the bloom county book who doesn’t know who margaret thatcher is? (I am commenting on the explanatory comment by the side of the comic strip where he calls thatcher on the phone). I loved bloom county when I was a kid and enjoy seeing these for the nostalgia value, but are there young people today actually reading and enjoying these books?

  2. I know a few young people who are enjoying them, now that their father bought the (so far) four books.

  3. ok, I guess I am not in touch with the younger generation’s tastes.

  4. This may be the best media coverage of the wedding that I have seen. Shkoyach.

  5. shachar ha'amim

    what was your Lord Chief Rabbi’s heter to be present at the church during the church ceremony?
    He was very visible on TV

  6. Long-standing precedent of UK Chief Rabbis.

  7. Could you write an article on the halachic issues of entering a church, especially about UK Chief Rabbis ?(if you haven’t already so) ? It’s pretty interesting.

  8. I was wondering how long it would take for the issue of “rabbi in the church” to be raised. It hasn’t been that long since the Obama inauguration….all I need is for a certain will known commentor to bring up the Rav’s “confrontation” and the simcha will be complete.

    Yasher Koach on the Bloom County. The baby William series was one of the best.

  9. One of the memorable strips of Prince Charles and the baby in a basinet, uttering his first words “figurehead” to Prince Charles, automatically sprung to mind Friday morning waking up to the news showing the wedding at 330 in the morning

  10. Thanks Gil. I had forgotten all about Bloom County. To further date myself, I was in London the summer Diana and Charles were married and bought a commemorative coin which I still have. I was a mere lad of 22.

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