The Last Time

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A beautiful song and video about the Fogel murders in Itamar. The terrorist attack that horrified the world in its brutality has inspired Jews to pray and hope for a better future. These artists have created this moving production to express the profound emotions sparked by this tragedy.

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Rabbi Gil Student is the Editor of, a leading website on Orthodox Jewish scholarly subjects, and the Book Editor of the Orthodox Union’s Jewish Action magazine. He writes a popular column on issues of Jewish law and thought featured in newspapers and magazines, including The Jewish Link, The Jewish Echo and The Vues. In the past, he has served as the President of the small Jewish publisher Yashar Books and as the Managing Editor of OU Press. Rabbi Student has served two terms on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America and currently serves as the Director of the Halacha Commission of the Rabbinical Alliance of America. He serves on the Editorial Boards of Jewish Action magazine, the Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society and the Achieve Journal of Behavioral Health, Religion & Community, as well as the Board of OU Press. He has published five English books, the most recent titled Search Engine volume 2: Finding Meaning in Jewish Texts -- Jewish Leadership, and served as the American editor for Morasha Kehillat Yaakov: Essays in Honour of Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.


  1. Sadly remindes those of us who are old enough to remember המלחמה האחרונה

    somehow I’ve been sitting and listening to Mama Rochel over and over again this week:Yet a frightened child,
    Numb from pain and grief,
    Remains forlorn and uncertain,
    clinging to the faith, that it can be heard,
    as it cries out to its mother…

    מאמע,מאמע, וויין נאכאמאל,
    טיירען זולסטו גייסן א זאל,
    בעטען פיין באסערפער אין הימל, בקול רם.
    מאמע, מאמע, וויין נאכאמל,
    טיירען זולסטו גייסן א זאל,
    בזכותך-ושבו בנים לגבולם.

    רחל אימנו שאי קולך,
    שוב שפכי כמים דמעתך,
    בכי נא על בנים אשר גלו ועל סבלם.
    רחל אימנו שאי קולך,
    שוב שפכי דמעה לפני קונך,
    בזכותך ושבו בנים לגבולם.


  2. and please don’t remind me of my comments on praying directly to HKB”H and on saying tehillim etc. – sometimes it just hurts too much to be rational.

  3. Please contribute to the tzedakah fund established for the surviving Fogel children — it can be found at the National Council of Young Israel’s website:

    Where it says “Donation Information” scroll down to “Fogel Family Emergency Fund” (its the last choice on the drop-down menu).

    Please do it today!

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