Below is a live webcast of a community memorial service for the Fogel family, taking place in Congregation Kehillat Jeshurun in Manhattan (12 noon EST).

Live Webcast – Memorial in Manhattan

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Below is a live webcast of a community memorial service for the Fogel family, taking place in Congregation Kehillat Jeshurun in Manhattan (12 noon EST).

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  1. As of 12:10pm, there are over 1,500 viewers of the webcast.

  2. Please contribute to one of the tzedakah funds established for the surviving Fogel children. One is at the National Council of Young Israel’s website:

    (Where it says “Donation Information” scroll down to “Fogel Family Emergency Fund” — it’s the last choice on the drop-down menu).

    Alternately, you can contribute through the OU at:

  3. Rabbi Lookstein is speaking. Over 1,600 web viewers.

  4. Over 2,000 viewers

  5. Motti Fogel (HaMaqom yenacheim oso), R’ Udi Fogel Hy”d’s brother said at the funeral (tr. Jerusalem Post):

    Udi, it’s very hard for me to see all the people who came here. If I could, I would have them all leave and hug you and whisper in your ear, ‘Let’s go play soccer one last time.’ All the symbols about settlement, the Land of Israel and the people of Israel are attempts to forget the simple fact that is riddled with pain: you are dead. You are dead and no symbol will bring you back. More than anything, this funeral must be a private event.

    Here in the US, few if anyone knew the Fogels. Perhaps this memorial which was really more a rally is more appropriate here, in this context.


  6. and of course the question is will we channel that pain towards a meaningful change in our lives.

  7. RJR,

    I’m still overwhelmed by the majesty of those 50 nuclear workers in Fukushima who volunteered to go into the hell-hole, right now fighting the reaction back under some kind of control, accepting a certain and painful death, for the sake of saving others.

    I can’t figure out what lesson I’m supposed to be emulating there, either.


  8. RJR- I am not sure that a reaction to this event on the personal level is posssible or even proper. This was in no way a personal crime,but rather part of a war against am Yisrael in EY. There is nothing to learn in our personal lives. On a personal level the proper reaction is “Vayiddom Aharon”. The question is where does our personal life intersect with the destiny of clall yisrael. Here there is much room for cheshbon nefesh, and acting on that cheshbon nefesh.

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