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Cardinals in the Beis Midrash

On Monday, January 19th, a delegation of Roman Catholic cardinals, along with some Yeshiva University (YU) roshei yeshiva, entered YU’s main beis midrash (study hall) and proceeded to look around and talk with some of the men who were studying in the packed beis midrash at the time. Yeshiva College’s undergraduate newspaper, The Commentator, reported the following from an interview ...

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The Limits of Orthodox Theology II

More on this subject. The following is based on someone else’s notes of R. Dr. Shnayer Z. Leiman’s shiur on Marc Shapiro’s new book. 1. It is methodologically unsound to argue that the Rambam did not believe in a literal tehiyas ha-meisim (bodily resurrection of the dead) when the Rambam himself wrote an essay declaring that he did believe in ...

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The Limits of Orthodox Theology

Professor Marc B. Shapiro, of Scranton University, recently published a fascinating book titled The Limits of Orthodox Theology: Maimonides’ Thirteen Principles Reappraised which is an expanded version of an article he published 11 years ago in The Torah u-Mada Journal. An excellent article by Steven I. Weiss was published in the Forward newspaper about this book and its controversial nature. ...

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