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Religious Hatred

I was quite surprised when I saw the letters from R. Yehiel Ya’akov Weinberg published by Dr. Marc Shapiro in The Torah U-Mada Journal. In particular, his letter (p. 118) stating that “More than Christianity hates Judaism, Judaism hates Christianity” seems bizarrely divorced from reality. My bafflement was relieved somewhat when I saw that R. Nosson Kamenetsky was also taken ...

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Interfaith Dialogue III

R. Mayer Twersky enters the printed debate in this week’s devar Torah from Torah Web: In general, psak halacha is exclusively reserved for talmidim shehigiu lhora’a, great torah sages. Chazal unequivocally condemn those who are not qualified to pasken, and yet do so. He is a wicked, delusionary, and arrogant person.(such people) increase divisiveness, destroy the world, extinguish the lamp ...

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Interfaith Dialogue II

Eschewing the path of totally ignoring the events in American society, The Jewish Observer boldly addressed the topic of Mel Gibson’s The Passion in its Nissan 5764/April 2004 issue. Chosen to tackle the issue was the eloquent Yonason (AKA Jonathan) Rosenblum in the lead article titled “Passion, Prejudice, and Political Incorrectness.” Predictably, although this time plausibly, taking the opposite stance ...

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Cardinals in the Beis Midrash II

In further to the discussion about the officially sanctioned visit of cardinals to Yeshiva University’s beis midrash, I thought the following analysis of R. Yosef Dov Soloveitchik’s position by Prof. Lawrence Kaplan is worthy of note. This is taken from Prof. Kaplan’s article in Judaism 48:3 (1999), provocatively titled “Revisionism and the Rav; the Struggle for the Soul of Modern ...

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Cardinals in the Beis Midrash

On Monday, January 19th, a delegation of Roman Catholic cardinals, along with some Yeshiva University (YU) roshei yeshiva, entered YU’s main beis midrash (study hall) and proceeded to look around and talk with some of the men who were studying in the packed beis midrash at the time. Yeshiva College’s undergraduate newspaper, The Commentator, reported the following from an interview ...

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