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Rav Sacks and Rav Melamed

Yesterday, Nachum Segal interviewed R. Jonathan Sacks about the new edition of his haggadah. He also interviewed R. Elli Fischer and Dr. Yocheved Cohen about the new English translation of R. Eliezer Melamed’s Laws of Pesah (Peninei Halakha). You can access the interview on the Nachum Segal website: link

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When To Get Married

by R. Eliezer Melamed At What Age are Men Obligated to Marry? Although young Jewish males become obligated to fulfill all the mitzvot at the age of 13, our Sages said that a man should get married at the age of 18, but no later than 20. There are two main reasons for this: A. Torah Study Before marrying, a ...

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