Monday, October 08, 2007

New Feature: Announcements

Hirhurim is unveiling another new feature: regular announcements.

As in the past, Hirhurim sometimes features announcements about births, engagements, deaths, lectures and communal events. Hirhurim will continue doing this but in a more formal format -- announcement posts.

If you have something you want to be announced to the Hirhurim world, and/or you wish to show your support for Hirhurim, you can purchase an announcement for $18 $36. You can announce:

  • a simchah
  • a publication
  • an upcoming lecture
  • a get-together
  • that you are looking for a particular book
  • an upcoming radio appearance
  • a holiday greeting
  • much more
Every reader should decide whether, at some point in the year, they feel that they should purchase an announcement to support Hirhurim. If you have nothing to announce then you can just wish people a good Shabbos. Announcements will remain anonymous unless you include your name and/or e-mail address in the text (if you are looking for a book, include your e-mail address so people with the book can contact you!).

How do you purchase an announcement?

Click on the button in the upper right corner of the blog. That will take you directly to Paypal, where you will need to sign into your account before proceeding. Important: You can only purchase an announcement through a Paypal account. Make sure to include the entire text of your announcement (including your name, if you want it mentioned) by clicking on the word "Add special instructions for the Merchant" and entering your text in the box that appears. Assuming that your announcement is not objectionable, it will be included in the next announcement post (within two weekdays) that will contain all of the latest announcements.

Note that the announcement post functions like a regular post and only remains on top until another post is added. An advertisement remains in the same spot for the duration of the ad. You can advertise on Hirhurim by clicking here: link

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