Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Most Important Event in Jewish Publishing Since the Invention of the Printing Press

Last night we had the launch of Rabbi Natan Slifkin's new book The Challenge of Creation. Turnout was great. Excitement was high. And the book just looks fantastic.

A few blogs have already covered the event:

Wolfish Musings
Jew School (what, you don't come over and say hello?)

Below are some pictures. Remember, Rabbi Slifkin will be speaking tonight at the Young Israel of Teaneck at 8:45pm. Be there, or else. As promised, I will be posting the text of my speech. Just not right now.

Some of the crowd, with R. Weinreb and R. Yoel Schonfeld up front, and R. Fabian Schonfeld over in the corner of the picture

The Zoo Rabbi and Rebbitzen

Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb


Rabbi Natan Slifkin, holding up a copy of the new book

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