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The Chief Rabbi on Women Rabbis

In a recent interview, Chief Rabbi (soon-to-be-) Lord Jonathan Sacks stated that he does not wish to comment on the discussion in the US and Israel over Orthodox women rabbis (link). However, I think we can gain from his wisdom by examining an article he presented to the first Orthodox Forum, in 1989, in which he discusses the at-the-time recent ...

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Women Non-Rabbis

Menachem Butler blogs about a new article by R. Michael J. Broyde, in which he argues that many women teachers should be legally allowed to claim a parsonage tax exemption. R. Broyde’s argument centers around the interpretation of that passage in the tax code, in which ordination has been deemed irrelevant and function defines one’s status. Thus, R. Broyde argues, ...

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The Ordination of Women

There are currently two main types of semikhah. One is called a heter hora’ah and the other has no real name but is colloquially referred to as a rabbi’s driver’s license. The former is a license to issue halakhic rulings. The latter is essentially a letter stating that the holder is worthy of holding the title rabbi and being a ...

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Women Rabbis

R. Hershel Schachter on women reading the kesubah at a wedding, being called to the Torah and being ordained as rabbis. I, once again, tip my hat to TorahWeb for providing excellent material for public education.

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