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Women’s Leadership – Correction

In a summary of a recent issue of Tradition, I incorrectly described Dr. Joel Wolowelsky’s article. In the latest issue, he responds and clarifies his view. He explains that he believes semikhah is certification of knowledge and therefore would be appropriate for religious learned women, too.  But, he said, it is distracting for them to use the title “rabbi” because some object ...

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New Periodical: Tradition 49:1

New issue of Tradition (49:1 Spring 2016) with a special section of Perspectives on Women’s Leadership in Orthodoxy: The Sons of Korah, Who Did Not Die by R. Shalom Carmy – An expansion of Rav Soloveitchik’s interpretation of the Korach rebellion with an application to the current “crisis of authority.” A Litvak in Montreal: The Thought of Rabbi Aryeh Leib ...

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Masorah Symposium Download and Links

I thank all the contributors to this symposium on Masorah and all the people who have relayed their feedback. You can access each article individually here: Introduction by Gil Student Masorah: A Philosophical User’s Guide by Alex S. Ozar How Bat Mitzvah Became Orthodox by Zev Eleff and Menachem Butler The Role and Challenges of Minhag in the 21st Century by ...

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Masorah and the Role of the Jewish Woman

by R. Mayer Twersky This essay was originally published on TorahWeb.org and is republished here with permission  -ed I In this study we seek be”H not originality, rather renewed understanding and appreciation of ancient, eternal truths. This study draws heavily from, and is framed by, Rav Soloveitchik’s (the Rov’s) Torah. II וזכרתי את בריתי יעקב ואף את בריתי יצחק ואף את בריתי אברהם אזכר ...

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Misunderstanding Mesorah: Turkeys and Women Rabbis

by R. Dr Ari Zivotofsky What does turkey have to do with women rabbis? It is a question that would have never occurred to me until last week when my almost 20 year old, popular article about the kashrut of turkey was invoked in the name of women rabbis. I was honored to be cited, but bemused at the application. ...

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A Rabbi’s Role

by R. Gil Student What does a rabbi do? What is his role in the community? In a 2011 article (PDF), Rav Hershel Schachter quoted Prof. Saul Lieberman’s responsum demonstrating that ordination includes permission to serve as a rabbinic judge (dayan). We can look at other evaluations and see similar sentiments. Not long ago, I discovered a book by Rav ...

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Orthodox Women’s Growing Influence

by R. Gil Student This is an Op-Ed I recently published in Haaretz, using the title I prefer rather than what the editor selected The Orthodox Jewish community needs women influencers, not women rabbis. So says the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) in a recent resolution forbidding its members to hire women rabbis. Unlike past generations, women today learn leadership ...

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2015 Resolution: RCA Policy Concerning Women Rabbis

Formally adopted by a direct vote of the RCA membership, the full text of “RCA Policy Concerning Women Rabbis” states: Whereas, after much deliberation and discussion among its membership and after consultation with poskim, the Rabbinical Council of America unanimously passed the following convention resolution at its April 2010 convention: The flowering of Torah study and teaching by God-fearing Orthodox women in ...

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Authority and Its Meaning

by R. Tzvi Spitz One point in the discussion of women’s ordination has been the definition of authority (serarah), which according to most halakhic authorities (with a notable exception) is forbidden to women. The definition of authority has suffered from ambiguity. Far from the heat of this topic, contemporary scholar R. Tzvi Spitz offers a clear and useful definition in ...

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Rabbinic Ordination and Halakhic Authority

by R. Yaakov Ariel This book review appears in Hebrew on R. Ya’akov Ariel’s website, dated 23 Shevat, 5771. It is presented here in translation with permission, although the translation has not been reviewed. -ed. The title “Rabbi,” to our regret, has been eroded in our generation. Any young yeshiva student who has passed a test on the laws of ...

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