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Open Orthodox Symposium V

Afterword by Menachem Penner If there is one thing that Modern Orthodoxy should agree on, it is that open orthodoxy is a good thing. The devil, however, is not only in the details, but in the definition of “open” and the definition of “orthodoxy.” One can embrace open orthodoxy without embracing Open Orthodoxy. At the core of Modern Orthodox philosophy ...

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Open Orthodox Symposium IV

A Radical Theology and a Traditional Community: On the Contemporary Application of Izbica-Lublin Hasidut in the Jewish Community by David Bashevkin A Controversial Introduction and Introducing Controversy The specter of misinterpretation of Izbica Hasidut was already clear in 1860 with its first published work, the Mei ha-Shiloah. When introducing his grandfather’s published work, R. Gershon Henoch Leiner appended a brief ...

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Symposium on Open Orthodoxy III

Rabbi Irving (Yitz) Greenberg and His Theology of Covenant by Ira Bedzow Rabbi Irving (Yitz) Greenberg has been called one of the most influential Jewish teachers and communal leaders of the late twentieth century, and his writings have influenced – and continue to influence – Jews across the broad denominational spectrum. Joshua Feigelson, in his recent PhD dissertation, writes that ...

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Symposium on Open Orthodoxy II

The Parting of the Ways? Open Orthodox Judaism in Historical Perspective by Zev Eleff In May 2015, the Yated Ne’eman published an article on the burgeoning “Open Orthodox Movement.” [1]I am very grateful to several friends who offered comments and criticisms that improved this article. I benefited greatly from conversations and support from Yitzi Ehrenberg, Moshe Schapiro, Ben … Continue reading ...

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Symposium on Open Orthodoxy I

Introduction: Religious Polemics and Studies Gil Student The long-brewing schism in Modern Orthodox Judaism is daily becoming more evident to even casual observers. [1]For example, see Judy Maltz, “How Views on Homosexuality Are Splitting the Orthodox World,” Ha’aretz, August 5, 2015 http://www.haaretz.com/news/israel/.premium-1.669680. (retrieved … Continue reading As the schism reaches its boiling point, the heated moments of controversy bubble up more ...

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