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Was Rav Hildesheimer A Centrist?

In the 1980’s, Orthodox intellectuals, primary among them R. Norman Lamm, attempted to name their religious movement “Centrist Orthodoxy.” [1]See, for example, R. Norman Lamm, “Some Comments on Centrist Orthodoxy” in Tradition 22:3, Fall 1986. The name never took and even his devotees generally do not bother to use it. As R. Mark Dratch recently noted on this website (link), ...

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Some Tough Questions for Modern Orthodoxy

Some insights and tough questions for serious Modern Orthodox people, back from when there was a push to refer to the group as Centrist Orthodox. Unfortunately, this is the kind of self-criticism that may be cathartic but is entirely ignored and unproductive. R. Yitzchok [Irving] Breitowitz, “A Symposium on Divided and Distinguished Worlds” in Tradition 26:2 (1992), pp. 20-21: “[L]et ...

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