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The Bialystoker Controversy

The following column was in The Jewish Press over a month ago and started quite a controversy. I will reproduce portions of the column, with my comments interpersed. The Jewish Press Friday, February 6, 2004 Halachic Questions Rabbi J. Simcha Cohen Carrying A Child On The Sabbath        Question: What is one to do on the Sabbath, in ...

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Homosexuality in Halakhah II

As posted earlier, Zackary Sholem Berger was kind enough to post to his blog my comments on CR. Simchah Roth’s paper on homosexuality. ZS Berger also added his own super-comments onto my comments. The following is my response to ZS Berger: 1. Main Thesis First and foremost, we must understand what S. Roth was trying to do in his paper. ...

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Homosexuality in Halakhah

In a post titled “Conservosexuality, II“, blogger Zackary Sholem Berger linked to a number of halakhic papers from scholars of the Conservative movement regarding Homosexuality and halakhah. Being the industrious and curious person that I am, I printed out two of the papers to read — one paper by CRabbi Joel Roth titled simply Homosexuality and another by CRabbi Simchah ...

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