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Reader contributions are an important part of the Torah Musings experience. Readers can join the discussion in two ways:

    Comments on Torah Musings are fully moderated. Readers should think carefully before commenting and adopt the style of a newspaper or magazine letter to the editor. Comments will be rejected if they fail to meet the commenting guidelines or otherwise at the discretion of the comment editor. Please make sure to avoid ad hominem attacks and libelous statements. Read charitably, judge favorably and respond politely. If you write inappropriately, your comment will be deleted even if it contributes to the discussion.
  1. Readers are encouraged to gather their thoughts on a subject and compose an essay arguing their case.

Torah Musings submissions should address issues of Jewish law or thought, Bible or contemporary society from an Orthodox Jewish perspective, with ample use of traditional texts. Essays are expected to be well thought-out and well written, and approximately between 1,000-3,000 words.

Please consult the Journal archives for examples of desired writing. The style of Hebrew transliteration is up to the author but must be used consistently.

Submissions are reviewed by the Editorial Committee for publication based on a variety of measures.

On rare occasions, we will publish an essay with a pseudonym rather than a real name. However, the submission must include a real name along with a request to use a pseudonym and an explanation why.

Send submissions or any questions to [email protected].

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