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Interfaith Dialogue III

R. Mayer Twersky enters the printed debate in this week’s devar Torah from Torah Web: In general, psak halacha is exclusively reserved for talmidim shehigiu lhora’a, great torah sages. Chazal unequivocally condemn those who are not qualified to pasken, and yet do so. He is a wicked, delusionary, and arrogant person.(such people) increase divisiveness, destroy the world, extinguish the lamp ...

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Agudath Israel and the Internet

Also from this month’s The Jewish Observer (table of contents page). In case anyone is interested, this is their internet policy: The Jewish Observer has devoted a great deal of space to the perils of the Internet and to the need for everyone to be extremely vigilant in its use. We have echoed the pleas of our gedolim that it ...

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Interfaith Dialogue II

Eschewing the path of totally ignoring the events in American society, The Jewish Observer boldly addressed the topic of Mel Gibson’s The Passion in its Nissan 5764/April 2004 issue. Chosen to tackle the issue was the eloquent Yonason (AKA Jonathan) Rosenblum in the lead article titled “Passion, Prejudice, and Political Incorrectness.” Predictably, although this time plausibly, taking the opposite stance ...

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Solving the Agunah Problem

Over my vacation, I had the opportunity to read through R. Michael J. Broyde‘s not-so-recent book Marriage, Divorce, and the Abandoned Wife in Jewish Law. He calls this book a conceptual analysis, and it is. He makes a number of excellent and insightful points by distinguishing between the concepts underlying different views of divorce. I. Concepts of Marriage The first ...

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I’m Back

Pesah is over and I’m back. I did some interesting reading over the holiday and have a lot about which to blog. But that will have to wait until I am more settled in to regular life.

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The following are websites/blogs that link to Hirhurim, initially determined via Google. If your website and/or blog links to Hirhurim and is not listed, please post your URL in the comments and it will be added to this post. Thank you. PLEASE NOTE that the blogger has not reviewed these websites and makes no claim about their content. This is ...

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Homosexuality in Halakhah IV

Statement regarding Same-Sex Marriages issued on March 30, 2004 by the Rabbinical Council of America and the Orthodox Union: The Rabbinical Council of America and The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America reaffirm the following foundational principles and beliefs in unambiguous and unmistakable terms: · Homosexual behavior is, and has always been, absolutely forbidden by Jewish law and tradition. ...

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Who Am I?

I asked before and I will ask again, please do not try to identify me in the comments section. Whether you are correct or not, I do not want guessing on this blog. If you have a comment to say to me that includes or is based on my real identity, e-mail me. Thank you for your cooperation. Important Update

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The Rise and Fall of Biblical Criticism

Two essays on the much heralded and perhaps exaggerated demise of the Documentary Hypothesis: R. Dr. Nathan T. Lopes Cardozo, “On Bible Criticism and Its Counterarguments” from Between Silence and Speech: Essays on Jewish Thought (Aronson: 1995). The essay is a decade old so it is missing the most recent developments. David Stern, “Recent Trends in Biblical Source Criticism: A ...

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