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Why Most People Do Not Observe the 613th Commandment

by R. Moshe Kurtz Lomdus on the Parsha: Vayeilech Based on the Acclaimed Sefer Chavatzeles HaSharon Q: If there is a mitzvah to write a Torah scroll, why do so few people observe it today? And now write for yourselves this song and teach it to Children of Israel to place it in their mouths; in order that this song ...

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Confession: Commandment or Component?

by R. Moshe Kurtz Lomdus on the Parsha: Nitzavim Based on the Acclaimed Sefer Chavatzeles HaSharon Q: If you repent but forget to make a verbal confession are your transgressions not forgiven? You will return to Hashem, your God, and obey Him exactly as I am commanding you today, you and your sons, wholeheartedly and with your whole being.…For this ...

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Torah Finds a Way

by R. Gidon Rothstein Parshat Nitzavim Just before the end of the parsha, Moshe Rabbenu calls to witness heaven and earth that he has placed before them the paths of life and death, blessing and curse, and urges them to choose life, that they may live, and their descendants. Yalkut Shim’oni to Ha’azinu wondered why he called heaven and earth to witness in particular. The ...

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It’s Not In Heaven

by R. Gidon Rothstein Parshat Nitzavim/VaYelekh Ok, I broke this week. Normally, with a double parsha, I try to find a mitzvah from each. To my chagrin, Nitzavim/Vayelekh is very short (the two together are still in the twentieth percentile of parashiyyot by length). In addition, last year, I covered both mitzvot found in the two. Instead of a mitzvah de-oraita, then, I will investigate the halakhic application of Devarim 30;12, lo ...

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Doubtful Dishonesty

by R. Moshe Kurtz Lomdus on the Parsha: Ki Savo Based on the Acclaimed Sefer Chavatzeles HaSharon Q: Is a possible lie a lie? When it happens that you come to the land that Hashem, your God, is giving you as territory, and you inherit it and settle it; You are to take of the first of all the fruits ...

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What’s Inside Matters, Too

by R. Gidon Rothstein Parshat Ki Tavo We live after almost two hundred years of important rabbis and poskim finding ways to accommodate those who have left observance, let alone are not observing for the exact right motives. R. Yehudah’s quote of Rav, Pesachim 50b, that a Jew should observe the Torah without perfect motive, because it will build to better motives, has ...

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Not To Eat Ma’aser Sheni While an Onen

by R. Gidon Rothstein Our mitzvah might seem ho-hum, because we have not eaten ma’aser sheni in many centuries.  Still, the aspect of aninut sheds light on two realms, mourning and the experience of sanctity. Ma’aser Sheni and Aninut: Getting Our Terms Straight Rambam’s Prohibition 151 starts with the basics, Jews may not eat ma’aser sheni while in aninut. Pause to define terms, the easy then the ...

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Mitzvah or Method?

by R. Moshe Kurtz Lomdus on the Parsha: Ki Seitzei Based on the Acclaimed Sefer Chavatzeles HaSharon Q: What makes something a real mitzvah? When you build a new house, you shall make a fence for your roof, so that you do not bring bloodguilt on your house if anyone should fall from it. (Deuteronomy 22:8) The Chasam Sofer notes ...

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