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• A Zivotofsky – Tzohar needs to be more honest about its wine kashrut certification

• LISTEN: David Lichtenstein Destroys Left-Wing Narrative On Abortion While Debating Activist

• The Specter of Satmar

• Lawmakers Raise Alarm About New Criteria for Security Grants Aimed to Protect Houses of Worship

• Ahead of a New York state deadline, Jewish groups weigh in on oversight of yeshivas

• Y Hazony – The nuclear family has failed

• COVID pandemic: Is religion dying? Why pastors quit during COVID pandemic

• Abortion And Jewish Public Policy

• Religious services minister quietly tries to fix broken municipal rabbi system

• More Conservative rabbis struggle with interfaith marriage ban — and some are flouting it

• Parental Rights and Their Limits

• Guide and Review of Online Resources – 2022 – Part II

• ‘Don’t single us out!’ Welcome unmarried Jews

• Rabbi Blau, the Dean is Way Ahead of You

• War Deals a Double Blow to Jewish Life in Ukraine and Russia

• R A Shafran – I’m glad Roe is likely to be reversed — but worried about what comes next

• After 800 years, Church of England apologizes to Jews for laws that led to expulsion

• R H Jachter – The Great Reishit Tzemichat Geulatenu Debate

• I Mizrachi – The Apostate’s Grammar Book

• The Mr. & Mrs. Degree: Which Colleges Have the Highest Marriage Rates?

• I think this article understates the Orthodox opposition to abortion – For Orthodox Jewish groups, it’s wait and see on the reversal of abortion rights

• Jewish Coalition for Religious Liberty – Abortion and Religious Liberty

• This is a sensitive process of analysis that should be done for things like Carlebach tunes, as well, rather than knee-jerk reactions – The PTSD impact of fireworks: An ethical dilemma

• 2022: A vastly inflated Palestinian demography

• More pastors now say they have considered quitting: study

• Two in five British Jews will be strictly-Orthodox by 2040, new study finds

• The Rav on Jewish Sovereignty 1948

• Article doesn’t say whether the conversions were halachic – The lost Jews of Nigeria

• Jewish soldiers are buried under crosses around the world. A rabbi’s nonprofit is changing that

Resources on Judaism an abortion:

• Texts: Abortion As Murder

• Abortion and Jewish Public Policy

• Rabbi Sacks on Abortion

• R M Hauer & M Helfand Protecting Orthodox Jewish Schools

• Dr. Marvin Schick – A Second Yahrzeit Appreciation

• How US toy makers and publishers created an alternative Jewish universe

• A look at Jewish Cleveland’s past, present, future

• A journey through Jewish Sicily

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