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• L Aharoni – Don’t cherish Jewish values? You don’t get to make the call 

• Can Maine Cover the Cost of Christian School Tuition?

• United Synagogue celebrates 150th in style


• Immunization requirements are standard in schools – Vaccination mandate extended to NYC religious, private school staffers

• The Internet pandemic is plaguing Israel’s haredi community

• 51% of Evangelicals say Jews ‘still God’s chosen people’: poll

• IS GREY GOOSE VODKA KOSHER? cRc Releases In Depth Statement; Entire Story Started From One Person On WhatsApp

• R E Goldberg – Still Giving Me Goosebumps: Our Shabbos With Rav Hershel Schachter

• Maybe I’m missing something but this doesn’t look so bad – Religious services minister reveals proposed conversion reforms  

Knesset Passes the Foreign Agunot Law

What it’s like to be an Orthodox rabbi with SPMS during Hanukkah

Ultra-Orthodox aliyah to Israel is breaking records. Here’s why

• Top ultra-Orthodox rabbis urge against mixed-gender prayer plaza at Western Wall

• The kids are not all right — and Jewish educators on college campuses know it

• Europe’s Jews have an uncertain future, but a future nonetheless

• In first, Sanhedrin-era building found in Yavne, where sages fled Temple’s ruin

• M Berger – Reconsidering The Aruch HaShulchan: How Rav Y.M. Epstein’s Masterwork Invites You Into a Generational Discussion

• Hanukkah: When the Jews Chose Life

• A Jewish expert on Spinoza was named ‘persona non grata’ in Amsterdam’s synagogue and library

• YUTorah Online – Chanuka To-Go

• For Baltimore’s Orthodox Jewish community, Pikesville’s Seven Mile Market is ‘a blessing’ beyond Hanukkah

• Conference of European Rabbis opposes proposed conversion legislation

• Chareidi Zionism

• The View from Pew: Where We Are – Jewish Action

• The View from Pew: Where Do We Go from Here?

• Y Menken – Giving Thanks Is Important, Spiritually and Patriotically

• If current trends continue, which is always a big if – Nearly 1 in 3 Israeli Jews will be haredi Orthodox by 2050, per Israeli economic projections

Cappadocia: The history of the Shabbat candles

• How the expansion of the term “conversion therapy” may threaten religious freedom – Conversion Therapy Bans Strike at the Gospel

• National survey on youth and religion raises concern about Gen-Z Jews — and questions about how to understand them

• Our Chinuch in Crisis — Who Will Teach Our Children?

Honest Skokie High School Students Turn In Hundreds Of Dollars That Fall From Armored Car

• R D Fischer – LGBTQIA+ is not our cause célèbre

• CJV – Will 450 Progressive Rabbis Apologize for Antisemitic Scapegoating?

• Ruins of a Hellenistic fortress show ‘tangible evidence’ of Hanukkah story, Israeli archaeologists say

• Fighting Antisemitism by Protecting Religious Liberty

• Is the Old Testament Historically Accurate?

• The pandemic disrupted the morning minyan. When will non-Orthodox Jews like me gather again for daily prayer?

• The Pastors Aren’t All Right: 38% Consider Leaving Ministry

• ‘Indiana Jones’ Rabbi Thought He Found the Ark of the Covenant and Nearly Started a War

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