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• Nasiach B’Chukecha Shavuos 5784

• Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS) to Ordain 135 New Rabbis at Chag HaSemikhah Convocation

• CRE Mirvis – The safe rooms that were not so safe

• Dr S Leiman – Life After Death: The Afterlife of Tombstone Inscriptions in the Old Jewish Cemetery of Vilna

• Odd – RA Shafran – The Jewish problem with Trump supporters saying his guilty verdict was ‘rigged’

• Ohio court bars Hebrew Union College from selling rare books amid financial woes

• Some Churches Call Clergy Sexual Misconduct an ‘Affair.’ Survivors Are Fighting to Make It Against the Law

• Quotes RH Schachter – Colts’ Adonai Mitchell could leave Jewish fans tongue-tied

• Being a Jew at Harvard Is Worse Than You Think

• SHOCKING REVELATION: Longtime New Square Shabbos Goy Fired After Revealing He Is Jewish

• RY Hoffman – Why People Are Attracted to Alternative Medicine

• Efforts underway to launch new seminary for Reform movement in Cincinnati

The City of One Gate: Rabbi Neria on Jerusalem Day

• RY Hoffman – The History of Silk Flower Rental and the Mitzvah of Being Chas All Mammon Yisroel

• New pre-state data on capital released for Jerusalem Day

• RD Lau – Bridging the Divide

• Do we equate people who protest against Israel during wartime with Neturei Karta or not yet? – A new group is a safe space for observant Jews who oppose Israel’s war in Gaza

WATCH: Neturei Karta Not Only Hate Jews, They Are Now Also Open Apikorsi

• Extraordinary historic images mark Jerusalem’s 57th reunification anniversary

• With a new leader and revamped strategy, it’s a second coming for Jews for Jesus

• Making aliyah during the Israel-Hamas war is more important than ever

• Rashi was right: Machine learning confirms unique status of some Talmudic tracts

• Ahead of Jerusalem Day, population tops 1 million

• Unveiling Jerusalem’s priestly neighborhood from Herodian era

• ‘Time to Take the Plunge’: How October 7 Sparked a Huge Wave of Jewish Conversions in America

• The Resonance of Rabbi Goren’s Prayer for Jerusalem

• ‘Opposite of inclusive’: A look inside the increasingly hostile environment for Jewish therapists

• At 80, American Jewish Press Association grapples with past, present and future

• Scribe writes largest mezuzah for private home in Israel

• J England – Israel Must Stop Pretending It Is a Nation Like Any Other

• Monsey: Haredi demonstration – against Neturei Karta

• Who Were the Students of the Great Lithuanian Yeshivas?

• Israeli excavators discover 2,300-year-old gold ring at City of David site

• Rabbinical Commitee withdraws candidate Rabbi Meir Kahane

• RY Blau – The extremists in Israel’s government have to go

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