Melachah on Holidays

by R. Gidon Rothstein Parshat Be-Shalah: The Prohibition of Melachah on Yom Tov There are better ways to start a series than with an exception, but you get what you get. While we will ordinarily be studying a mitzvah from that week’s parsha listed by Sefer Ha-Hinuch, the only one in Beshalah is the prohibition of tehumin, traveling far from one’s place of residence. Rambam indeed counted such a ...

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The Fixity of Our Current Understanding of Torah

by R. Gidon Rothstein Last time, we saw an expansive version of what later courts might change, including the ways earlier courts read the Torah itself, when they used middot she-ha-Torah nidreshet bahen, principles by which ideas are derived from the Torah. It seems so much is up for grabs. The Exceptional Mishnah and Gemara Kessef Mishneh introduced a significant qualification. Given ...

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How the Torah’s Meaning Can Be Shaped By a Sanhedrin

by R. Gidon Rothstein I have been studying Daf Yomi since the beginning of this cycle (you can see/hear the results at; on days when my allotted hour does not let me cover the whole Daf, I tend to say, “sometimes we win, sometimes the Daf wins.” Here, too, the framework I am setting up for our next piece of ...

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