Can One Fix an Unwarranted Beracha on Netilat Yadayim?

by R. Daniel Mann Question: I came out of the bathroom and did netilat yadayim for that purpose, but accidentally I recited the beracha of netilat yadayim. I tried to salvage the situation by indeed eating bread as fast as I could. Did that help? Answer: We wash our hands after using the bathroom without a beracha because it is ...

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May Panim Chadashot Leave Sheva Berachot Early?

by R. Daniel Mann Question: Do panim chadashot have to stay until Birkat Hamazon?  Answer: One of the basic chakirot (analytical dilemmas) about panim chadshot (=pch) is at the heart of your question – what does pch provide that enables the recitation of all of the sheva berachot (=sb), not just Asher Bara (Ketubot 8a)? Tosafot (Ketubot 7b) and the ...

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Cowbell for Help

by R. Daniel Mann Question: Recently my mother had a hip replacement and needs help walking to the bathroom. May she ring a (cow) bell Shabbat night to wake me up? if not and she goes on her own, it is very dangerous. Answer: The mishna (Beitza 36b) forbids dancing and clapping on Shabbat, as it could lead to fixing a ...

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Stopping a Charitable Hora’at Keva

by R. Daniel Mann Question: A friend wants to cancel a hora’at keva (direct debit) to a charitable organization. He asked me to find out if he may do so or if he is bound by it. Answer: Many factors impact this question, so it is difficult to rule on all sets of circumstances. After mapping out the factors, your ...

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Hagomel after Losing the Way

by R. Daniel Mann Question: My son and I went hiking in a quite isolated area (no cell phone service) and took a wrong turn and walked a couple hours without seeing signs of civilization. We were almost out of water and weak before finding someone who directed us to safety. How should we thank Hashem for getting us through ...

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Using Dishes of Unknown Type

by R. Daniel Mann Question: Years ago, someone (kashrut observant) gave me a set of used china dishes. I do not remember whether the dishes are for meat or dairy (or who gave them to me). Is there a way I can use the dishes?     Answer: There are several potential (complicated) grounds for leniency, whose cumulative effect will ...

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Sheva Berachot during the Three Weeks

by R. Daniel Mann Question: A friend, who made sheva berachot for me, is getting married a couple of days before Shiva Asar B’Tammuz. When I offer to make sheva berachot, should I try to arrange it before the Three Weeks? If it is during the Three Weeks, are there any limitations? Answer: The Rama applies some of the Nine ...

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An Oleh Who Wants to Lain His Aliya

by R. Daniel Mann Question: As the gabbai in an Ashkenazi shul, I recently called up for an aliya a guest who asked if he could lain his aliya. I told him no, and he looked surprised/disappointed. Did I do the right thing?   Answer: All agree that in the gemara’s time, the oleh read the Torah aloud for the ...

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Learning Right after Shacharit

by R. Daniel Mann Question: I thought that one should learn a little in shul right after davening, yet I do not see many people doing so. How do you explain this? Answer: The concept you refer to can be connected to different sources and framed differently. After doing groundwork, we can relate to what is troubling you. The gemara ...

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Kiddush in the Middle of Davening

by R. Daniel Mann Question: We are making a private bar mitzva minyan/seuda. Due to family dynamics, we want to have a milchig Kiddush with a long break before the Shabbat lunch. May we make the Kiddush before Kri’at Hatorah? Answer: The gemara (Berachot 28b) reports that Rav Huna forbade any amount of eating before Musaf, but it concludes that ...

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