Husband Accepting Shabbat With His Wife

by R. Daniel Mann Question: My wife generally lights candles 15 minutes before sunset, in keeping with our community’s practice. I generally cease melacha then, as do she and our two little children. Sometimes, due to work, I can make it home only by sunset, not candle lighting time. May my wife light at the usual time or should she ...

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A Rabbi’s Approach to Monetary Problem Solving

by R. Daniel Mann Question: (We present a summary of a conversation with a new community rabbi who sought our help in handling a monetary dispute between two congregants. The specific dispute and solution are not the focus of this presentation.) The scope of the dispute, between people who need to interact with each other regularly, is approximately 2-3,000 shekels. ...

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Does a Chatan Daven with a Minyan?

by R. Daniel Mann Question: I have heard that a chatan during the week of sheva berachot does not need to daven with a minyan. Is there anything to that, and what would the reason be? Answer: There is something to what you have heard, but it has less to do with a minyan than with going to shul. Let ...

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Kashrut of a Tea Bag Holder

by R. Daniel Mann Question: I have a porcelain tea bag holder (small saucer on which you put a tea bag after removing it from the tea). May I use it alternately for pareve tea served in both milchig (e.g., used for coffee with milk) and fleishig cups (e.g., used for chicken soup)? Answer: Let us analyze your question. If ...

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Using Notes Taken on Shabbat or Yom Tov

by R. Daniel Mann Question: I was asked by a talmid of mine who is in college, whether he can use notes taken on Shabbat or Yom Tov by a non-religious Jewish friend? Answer: There are various opinions from the Tannaim down through the poskim on the extent of the prohibition of ma’aseh Shabbat, things produced through the violation of ...

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To Whom to Sell One’s Apartment?

by R. Daniel Mann Question: My apartment is for sale, and the apartment’s present renter and my nephew are interested in buying it. Do laws of precedence apply here? If so, does it make a difference if someone offers more than others? Answer: Our response cannot cover all elements of your case without hearing the claims of all affected sides. ...

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Garbage Disposal on Shabbat

by R. Daniel Mann Question: My neighborhood’s garbage is collected on Shabbat. Isn’t it a problem having a non-Jew do melacha for me on Shabbat? What would the basis for leniency be, if there is any? Answer: We will start with your assumption – that melacha is involved. The workers carry 4 amot in a public domain and into a ...

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Chazan Before a Yahrtzeit

by R. Daniel Mann Question: How important is it for someone to be chazan on the Shabbat before a yahrtzeit? Is it is just for parents, or also grandparents/in laws? Some people in my [the rabbi] shul feel that people use it as an excuse to “grab the amud.” Answer: Although many shuls have this issue, the best solution differs ...

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