How Can We Grow from this Crisis?

by R. Dovid Gottlieb Divrei Hitorerut, adapted from the original Hebrew, offered by R. Dovid Gottlieb in Kehillat Ha’Ela, this past Friday night, Shabbat Parshat Ki Tisa. In lieu of the regular devar halacha, I would like to speak to you, my dear friends, about the current situation, as we – along with the rest of the world – deal ...

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Why Do Epidemics Happen?

by R. Gil Student Throughout history, epidemics have caused death and disruption in varying scales, some massive but most local. Why do they happen and how should we respond? As would be expected of this not uncommon experience, the Sages of the Talmud discuss this issue. In 1576, Rav Moshe of Trani (Mabit) in Israel published his philosophical work Beis ...

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Do Epidemics Kill?

by R. Gil Student I. Should You Flee? While the currently growing epidemic of Coronavirus is not dangerous for most people who are not in high risk categories, we can still ask whether any epidemic or plague poses a life-threatening danger. After all, God determines on Rosh Hashanah who will live or die in the upcoming year. Someone who is ...

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Precautions in Shul in the Wake of Coronavirus

by R. Asher Bush With the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), which as of this date has no specific treatments, numerous halachic issues are being discussed; a few that have practical implications will be addressed here. It is worth noting that while much attention is correctly being placed on this new and yet untreatable virus, these issue apply to any ...

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