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A Man of Truth

Guest post by Alan Jay Gerber He was a tough man. Tough in demeanor, in his stare and in his gait. He walked a tough and rough road in the field of Jewish education at a time when quality Jewish education was at a premium. He demanded quality and he delivered quality. Nothing less than the best was good enough ...

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In God’s Footsteps

Rabbi Morey Schwartz in his authorial debut has chosen to tackle one of the most vexing philosophic/hashkafic problems facing the believing Jew. His book “Where’s My Miracle?” looks at the age old question of “Tzadik V’Ra Lo” (as well as the converse “Rasha v’Tov Lo) ie why is it that the righteous suffer and the wicked seem to prosper? Rabbi Schwartz attempts to glean from Jewish Tradition an approach if not an answer to this dilemma.   Rabbi Schwartz comes to the task with much personal experience. At the relatively young age of twenty he found himself bereft of both his parents. This book is the culmination of his personal search for an answer. Along the way Rabbi Schwartz earned his degree in psychology and  later entered the rabbinate, as a pulpit rabbi and more recently as an educator in Israel after having made aliya. He  recounts several personal experiences with suffering and tragedy in his personal life, his professional career and during his residence in Israel during the years of the Intifada. Likewise, he recounts episodes of human tragedy which effected others with whom he shared no connection other than a common humanity. As a rabbi he had the task of attempting to comfort bereaved families and trying to make sense of their personal tragedies, an admittedly impossible task.

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