Weekly Freebies: Experimental Edition of Tanakh

Miqra `al pi ha-Mesorah A New Experimental Edition of the Tanakh Online Miqra `al pi ha-Mesorah is a new experimental edition of the Tanakh in digital online format, now available as a carefully corrected draft of the entire Tanakh.[1. The first complete draft was finished on erev Shabbat Parashat Ki Teze, 10 Elul 5773; August 16, 2013.] It is based ...

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Weekly Freebies: R. Hoffmann on Deuteronomy

With all the recent discussion of biblical authorship, particularly of Deuteronomy, here is a free version of the Hebrew translation of R. David Tzvi Hoffmann’s classic commentary on Deuteronomy in which he defends the traditional Jewish view: link. See prior freebies here: link

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Weekly Freebies: Mishneh Torah App

The Mishneh Torah Project is dedicated to publishing the most accurate text of Rambam’s halakhic magnum opus with a simple commentary. They published an iPhone and iPad app which contains a free sample of the entire Zemanim section. You can download the app here: link See prior freebies here: link

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Weekly Freebies: Kinos Explanations

As Tisha B’Av approaches, the following audio explanations of specific kinos can help you prepare for the day: R. Shmuel Marcus: Kinah 7 R. Aryeh Lebowitz: Kinah 9 R. Steven Weil: Kinah 10 R. Shmuel Marcus: Kinah 11 R. Steven Weil: Kinos 11, 21 & 23 R. Aryeh Lebowitz: Kinah 12 R. Shmuel Marcus: Kinah 16 R. Shmuel Marcus: Kinah ...

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Weekly Freebies: HaTorah VeHaAretz

After purchasing books by R. Ya’akov Ariel through Mechon HaTorah VeHaAretz, an organization formerly in Gush Katif dedicated to laws applicable to the land of Israel, I received a copy of the 100th issue of its journal, Emunas Itekha. For 25 years, the organization has published this fascinating quarterly with scholarly articles about halakhah, technology and the land. It now ...

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Weekly Freebies: Chief Rabbi Farewell

Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks presents his final message in a free pamphlet: In his final message before stepping down after more than two decades in office, Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks recounts his personal journey of discovery and faith. Through a compelling analysis of recent Jewish history, ‘A Judaism Engaged with the World’ warns that a Judaism divorced from ...

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Weekly Freebies: Peninei Halakhah App

R. Eliezer Melamed’s Peninei Halakhah is a condensed code of halakhah covering many laws that arise during the year. The Hebrew series, long available for free on the Beit El Yeshiva Center website (link) is now available for free on an iPad app: link See prior freebies here: link

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Weekly Freebies: Koren Pesachim 1

Koren Publishers is offering a free PDF of its first volume of the Koren Steinsaltz Talmud edition of Peschim volume 1: link The website says that it is a 30-day trial. I’m not sure what that means. See prior freebies here: link

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