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Kedusha – Right, Left, Center

By: Rabbi Ari Enkin Further to R’ Gil’s recent posting on the minhagim of Kedusha, I’ve decided to write about those mysterious “V’kara Zeh El Zeh V’amar” movements. There is a widespread practice when saying Kedusha to bow to the left, to the right, and then towards the center at the words “V’kara Zeh El Zeh V’amar”. This ambiguous practice ...

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Seudat Rosh Chodesh

by Rabbi Ari Enkin While on Shabbat and Yom Tov there is an obligation to eat seudot, elaborate meals which include bread, there is some confusion as to the status or even existence of such a requirement concerning Rosh Chodesh. (1) Nevertheless, it is unquestionably a mitzva (2) for one to hold a feast or otherwise increase one’s gastronomic pleasures ...

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The Placement of the Torah Reading

by: Rabbi Ari Enkin One will readily notice that whenever the Torah is read at Shacharit it is read after the central prayer, the Shemone Esrei, has been recited. Yet, on occasions when the Torah is read at Mincha, it is done so before the Shemone Esrei. Why the difference? Ideally the Torah should always be read before the Shemone ...

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The Tomb of Onkelos

by Rabbi Ari Enkin This story recently appeared on the Israeli news exposing a prank that a few Yeshiva bochrim pulled off in Jerusalem recently. Taking advantage of a site no one ever seemed to notice, these guys undertook some home made renovations and declared it to be the long lost Tomb of Onkelos the righteous convert. Complete with separate ...

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Nittel Nacht – Christmas Eve

by Rabbi Ari Enkin There has evolved a collection of legends and folklore over the centuries concerning Christmas Eve, referred to as “Nittel Nacht” in rabbinical parlance, and its place within Jewish thought and practice. There are a number of customs associated with Nittel Nacht which can be found in a number of communities, mostly Chassidic ones, the most common ...

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Where to Light the Chanukah Candles

by Rabbi Ari Enkin Although not too widely practiced today, the Talmud[1] clearly states that in order to properly fulfill the mitzvah of the Chanuka lighting, the menora must be lit on the outside of one’s home. This is due to the requirement that the menorah must be lit in a location where it will best publicize and expose the ...

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Clapping, Dancing and Musical Instruments on Shabbat

by R. Ari Enkin The Mishna[1] lists a number of seemingly innocent activities which are forbidden on Shabbat by rabbinic decree lest one come to violate Shabbat by means of a related activity. Clapping and dancing are among these forbidden activities due to their frequent association with musical instruments. Though once part of the formal Shabbat service, musical instruments were ...

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The Yartzeit of Rachel Imenu

by R. Ari Enkin While all the other Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Jewish people were buried in Chevron, Rachel Imenu was an exception. God[1] pre-determined that Rachel was to be buried along the side of the road on the way to Bethlehem in order for her tomb to serve as a place for prayer when the Jewish people would ...

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Comments Moderation

Note the following addition to the brief notes at the top of Hirhurim’s website: Comments Moderation: For questions and suggestions about comments, please contact the blog’s general editor Rabbi Ari Enkin at this e-mail address.

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Yom Tov Hygiene – The Hot Shower

Yom Tov Hygiene – The Hot Shower by Rabbi Ari N. Enkin[1]Ramat Beit Shemesh Not only is every Yom Tov in the Diaspora two days long, but it frequently extends into three days as well when preceded or followed by Shabbat. While two days without a shower may be manageable to some, it is distressing for most people to go ...

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