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New Periodical: Hakirah 21

Hakirah 21 (Summer 2016): Letters – Prof. Menachem Kellner and R. Eliyahu Krakowski debate whether Prof. Kellner mistranslated a key text and a few other things. Three interesting letters about science and divine providence. A discussion about the identity of the town of Tuch, where the Tosafist R. Eliezer lived. R. Eli asks for a discussion of Open Orthodoxy, which ...

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New Periodical: Tradition 49:1

New issue of Tradition (49:1 Spring 2016) with a special section of Perspectives on Women’s Leadership in Orthodoxy: The Sons of Korah, Who Did Not Die by R. Shalom Carmy – An expansion of Rav Soloveitchik’s interpretation of the Korach rebellion with an application to the current “crisis of authority.” A Litvak in Montreal: The Thought of Rabbi Aryeh Leib ...

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New Periodical: RJJ Journal LXXI

Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society LXXI (Pesach 5776, Spring 2016): Hospital Visits on Shabbat by R. Raphael Hulkower – Debate over how much of a violation is permitted to visit someone in the hospital. Also addresses whether to call a cab or order an Uber (halakhically equal) and whether the visit will improve the medical care. Bottom line: ask ...

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New Periodical: Tradition 48:4

New issue of Tradition, Winter 2015 (48:4): Why Israel’s Security Depends on Jewish Democracy by R. Shalom Carmy – Reflections on the implications of Rabin’s murder twenty years later Religious Zionism and the Rabin Assassination by R. Yosef Blau – The Left’s use of the assassination to attack Religious Zionism has limited the impact of the event on Religious Zionism’s ...

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New Periodical: Hakirah 20

Hakirah vol. 20, Winter 2015 – Congratulations on achieving this milestone! Even Dr. Elman, who wrote a letter doubting the need for the journal in an early issue, now published an article here: Pahad Yitzhak: A Joyful Song of Affirmation by Dr. Yaakov Elman – A deep exploration of themes in the teachings of Rav Hutner, comparison with earlier and ...

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New Periodical: Verapo Yerape VI

   New issue of Verapo Yerape (VI), the journal of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Synagogue and the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary: Guide to Filling Out a POLST Form in Accordance with Halakha by R. Jason Weiner – POLST = Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatments. What may a patient refuse and what must a patient accept? What should ...

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New Periodical: Tradition Summer-Fall 2015

Tradition Summer-Fall 2015 (48:2-3): The Exalted Fellowship of the Harness: Thoughts in the Absence of R. Aharon Lichtenstein by R. Shalom Carmy – a eulogy for Rav Lichtenstein, with emphasis on his zerizus “Da’as Torah” Revisited: Contemporary Discourse about the Rabbinate by R. Yitzchak Blau – Are we still talking about this? Yes, and with good reason. Balancing autonomy and ...

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New Periodical: RJJ Journal LXX

New issue of The Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society LXX (Succot 5776/Fall 2015): Deactivating a Total Artificial Heart: A Preliminary Halachic Analysis by R. Jason Weiner – I’ve been saying for a while that technology will render the brain death/organ donation debate moot. A Total Artificial Heart keeps blood flowing in a body. At what point can you turn ...

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New Periodical: Hakirah 19

A new issue of Hakirah 19 (Winter 2015): Who Will Support Israel? by Heshey Zelcer – With changing demographics in the American Jewish community, the Orthodox need to take on more leadership roles Further Reflections on Classification of Mishneh Torah: Real Answers to Real Problems by Prof. Lawrence Kaplan – Surprisingly interesting exploration of literary aspects of the Mishneh Torah ...

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New Periodical: Tradition Spring 2015

New issue of Tradition (48:1, Spring 2015): “All For The Best”: A Modern Orthodox Man Who Fell Among Hasidim and the Urbach-Sanders Debate by R. Shalom Carmy – On the need to feel the divine presence, to acquire a language of day-to-day encounter with God “And Upon All the Gods of Egypt I Will Execute Judgment”: The Egyptian Deity in ...

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