Weekly Freebies: Oral Torah

One of the most useful old websites is Mechon Mamre, which contains extremely accurate, Yemenite editions of Tanakh, Mishnah, Tosefta, Talmud Bavli, Talmud Yerushalmi and Rambam’s Mishneh Torah. It is searchable and available for copy-paste: link See prior freebies here: link

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Weekly Freebies: R. Aryeh Kaplan

R. Aryeh Kaplan was a brilliant thinker and prolific writer. In his short lifetime, he authored dozens of books on kabbalah, halakhah and Jewish thought. The following of his writings are available for free online: The Living Torah Sabbath – Day of Eternity The Infinite Light Translation of Sefer Yetzirah Assorted Excerpts See prior freebies here: link

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Weekly Freebies: Gilyonot

All of Prof. Nechama Leibowitz’s famous worksheets on the weekly Torah reading, together with references, commentaries and more, are available here: link. See prior freebies here: link

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Weekly Freebies: Mishnayos Set

A little over a decade ago, a newly retypeset edition of the standard Mishnah set with Tiferes Yisrael and other commentaries was published and quickly became standard. The edition is simply the best around, with many improvements over previous editions. It is available in its entirety on Zera’im 1 Zera’im 2 Mo’ed 1 Mo’ed 2 Nashim 1 Nashim 2 ...

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Weekly Freebies: Rus Musings

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday of Shavuos, I present a new translation and commentary of the book of Rus: Rus Musings (PDF). This collection of musings is eclectic and intended to be interesting rather than rigorous. Some comments are long and some short, spanning various genres of Jewish tradition. You might notice some blog posts included, as well. ...

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Weekly Freebies: Internet Filters

Following up on this post on internet filters, here are links to some free internet filters for computers: OpenDNS K9 Microsoft Family Safety Norton Online Family We-Blocker Web Blocker Built-in settings For suggestions on filters for mobile devices, see this NY Times article: link Of course, you should not think that installing a filter is sufficient, as discussed in the ...

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Weekly Freebies: YU Journals

Yeshiva University has published the full contents of many of its journals, Hebrew and English, online. The publications include: Beis Yitzchak Torah U-Madda Journal Kol Zvi Orthodox Forum Verapo Yerapeh Ohr Hamizrach more… The various journals are available online here: link See prior posts here: link

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Weekly Freebies: Written and Oral Torahs

A number of books have been composed attempting to connect the Written and Oral Torahs. R. Barukh Epstein’s Torah Temimah collects Talmudic and Midrashic comments on the Pentateuch, by verse and with his commentary to the rabbinic exegesis. R. Menachem Kasher created a much more thorough collection in his Torah Sheleimah, using a vast array of texts and manuscripts and ...

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Weekly Freebies: Tzohar

Tzohar is a rabbinic organization in Israel that, among its other work, publishes a rabbinic journal, titled Tzohar. Past issues of the journal are available online here: link Not all of the links work but many do. See prior posts here: link

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Weekly Freebies: Haggados

HebrewBooks has a whole section of free haggados: link Here are a few interesting ones that caught my eye: Roedelheim State Bank IDF 1953 Otzar Peirushim – JD Eisenstein Eretz Yisrael – Kasher Nesivos and Dubno Maggid Chida Arukh Ha-Shulchan Goldschmidt See prior posts here: link

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