Weekly Freebies: Hilkhos Teshuvah

Dr. Henry Hillel Abramson of Touro College South was kind enough to offer readers a free electronic copy of his new translation and commentary of Rambam’s Hilkhos Teshuvah, entitled Moses Maimonides on Teshuvah: The Ways of Repentance, A New Translation and Commentary. Download the book here, using coupon code JS67S: link.

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Weekly Freebies: Ezras Torah Luach

Ezras Torah is a very worthy charitable organization that annually publishes an extremely useful synagogue calendar, based on the rulings of R. Yosef Eliyahu Henkin. You can access the new 5773 calendar for free monthly on the organization’s website: Tishrei Cheshvan Kislev Teves Shevat Adar Nisan Iyar Sivan Tamuz Av Elul Donate and/or order a halachic calendar here: link

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Weekly Freebies: R. AE Kaplan

R. Avraham Eliyahu Kaplan was the brilliant, Telz-trained dean of the Hildesheimer Institute who died prematurely at the age of 34 in 1924. R. Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer wrote the following essay about R. Kaplan, describing his life and radical thoughts: link. The AishDas website contains links to a number of items related to R. Kaplan, including some essays, poems and ...

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Weekly Freebies: R. Reuven Margoliyos

R. Reuven Margoliyos was a librarian, Talmudic scholar and prolific author. His most famous books are commentaries on Sanhedrin and on Sefer Chasidim, neither of which are online. However, some of his other books (all in Hebrew) can be found here: Biography of R. Chaim Ben Attar Biography of R. Avraham Ben Ha-Rambam, His Writings and Responsa Passover Haggadah The ...

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Weekly Freebies: Yeshiva Chaim Berlin

Two obscure books by roshei yeshivah at Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin and three haggadahs from the yeshivah are available online: R. Yitzchak Hutner – Kuntres Osef Ha-Halakhos Ha-Mechudashos Ha-Nimtza’os Ba-Sifra Asher Lo Ba Zikhran Be-Talmud Bavli (A collection of new laws found in the Sifra that are not mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud) – published in 1938 R. Aharon Schechter ...

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Weekly Freebies: Sea of Talmud

Dr. Henry (Hillel) Abramson has graciously made his new e-book, The Sea of Talmud: A Brief and Personal Introduction, available for free to Hirhurim readers. Please use the coupon code MQ95X here: link. Henry (Hillel) Abramson is a specialist in Jewish history and thought based in Miami Beach, Florida. A native of northern Ontario, he received his PhD in History ...

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Weekly Freebies: Laws of Mourning

On Tisha B’Av, we can only study portions of Torah that are sad, including the laws of mourning. R. Maurice Lamm’s classic work on these laws, The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning, is available online here: link. See also this post for another work on the laws of mourning: link.

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Weekly Freebies: Kinos Explanations

As Tisha B’Av approaches, the following audio explanations of specific kinos can help you prepare for the day: R. Shmuel Marcus: Kinah 7 R. Aryeh Lebowitz: Kinah 9 R. Steven Weil: Kinah 10 R. Shmuel Marcus: Kinah 11 R. Steven Weil: Kinos 11, 21 & 23 R. Aryeh Lebowitz: Kinah 12 R. Shmuel Marcus: Kinah 16 R. Shmuel Marcus: Kinah ...

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Weekly Freebies: Binyan Av

R. Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron is the former Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel. A number of his books, all titled Binyan Av, are available for free download on Responsa Binyan Av vol. 1 Responsa Binyan Av vol. 2 Responsa Binyan Av vol. 3 Responsa Binyan Av vol. 4 Responsa Binyan Av vol. 5 Binyan Av: Bereishis-Shemos Binyan Av: Vayikra-Devarim Binyan Av: ...

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Weekly Freebies: Three Weeks

With the beginning of the Three Weeks, here are a number of free books on the subject: Noraos Ha-Rav vol. 11 on the Four Fasts and Tisha B’Av by R. Joseph B. Soloveitchik (prepared and edited by B. David Schreiber Gevuras Yitzchak on Shabbos, Bein Ha-Metzarim by R. Yitzchak Sorotzkin Mi-Beis Levi on Bein Ha-Metzarim based on the ruling of ...

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