Rav Moshe David Valle on Esther (third)

Rav Yosef Spinner recently published from manuscript a commentary on Esther by Rav Moshe David Valle (18th cen., Italy), a contemporary of the Ramchal. Rav Spinner has graciously made this commentary available to the public for free download. Click to download

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Freebie: Tomer Devorah

Rabbi Moshe Cordovero’s 1588 classic Tomer Devorah (Date Palm of Devorah) is widely studied in the weeks preceding the High Holidays, largely because of its glorious opening chapter dedicated to the topic of forgiveness. Endorsed by Chasidic and Misnaggedic masters alike, it is considered by many a rare exception to the ban on the study of Kabbalah by students under ...

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Israel – Home of Hope

To mark Israel’s 60th anniversary in 2008, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks produced a double CD – “Israel – Home of Hope” – that used the power of words and music to tell the extraordinary and inspiring story of the modern State of Israel. You can download them for free here: link CD 1 The Jewish land of hope (Rabbi Sacks) Exodus: ...

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Freebies: Keeping Kosher In Israel

Newly released: The OU Kosher Israel Guide: The OU Kosher Israel Guide discusses a variety of subjects of interest: what is Mehadrin, guidelines for eating out, a list of Kashrut organizations in Israel, Truma and Ma’aser, keeping kosher in or kashering a rented apartment, checking for bugs in produce, Challah and Orlah, and Yashan and Chadash. Download the free PDF ...

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Freebies: Od Yosef Chai

 A student collected from R. Ovadiah Yosef’s responsa his insights on six Talmudic tractates and disseminated it in the hope that people will learn from this book for R. Yosef’s recovery. You can download Od Yosef Chai volume 1 on Berakhos, Shabbos, Eiruvin, Beitzah, Mo’ed Katan and Megillah here: link (PDF). Please have in mind R. Chaim Ovadiah Yosef Ben ...

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On Rav Ovadiah

With R. Ovadiah Yosef’s illness in the news, we have received permission to upload R. Jeffrey Saks’ review of a biography of the great sage, which originally appeared in Tradition 40:2. You can access the article here: link (PDF).

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Free Download of Maimonides on Teshuvah

Moses Maimonides (1135-1204) was one of the greatest minds the Jewish people ever produced: philosopher, jurist, physician, and an extremely prolific writer who left us classics like The Guide for the Perplexed and the Mishneh Torah.  For several years I have been in the habit of reviewing his Laws of Repentance in the weeks leading up to the High Holy Days, and last year ...

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