New App Features

Last year, we released the free Torah Musings app for iOS and Android devices (announcement). We have started adding more features. You can now access a selection of video and audio shiurim on their respective tabs on the app (these are not available on the Torah Musings website). More features to come… Usage note: To refresh tabs in the app, ...

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Write Your Way Home: The Torah Guide to Therapeutic Writing

Join the thousands of readers all around the world who have discovered the transformative power of therapeutic writing! With clear and simple to follow exercises, you can learn to use writing to develop inner peace, transform your relationships and connect to Hashem. No writing experience necessary! Write Your Way Home: The Torah Guide to Therapeutic Writing For the Torah observant reader, ...

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This Ground-Breaking Torah Novel is Making Waves

Imagine reading a Torah book so enthralling you don’t want to put it down   Have You Heard About Yedidya? Co-Authored by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis and Naomi Elbinger, Yedidya is a serialized novel combining an entertaining, suspenseful story, stunningly relatable characters, and profound Torah wisdom. The result: a completely addictive, uplifting Jewish reading experience. Start reading free Yedidya ...

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Tip Jar

Over the past few months, a number of readers have reached out to me in these turbulent times, offering financial support for Torah Musings. I am grateful for the offers and, more than that, the kind thoughts underlying them. In consultation with my editorial board, I have created a simple way to donate any amount — small or large — ...

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