Cup of Coffee

As the calendar year comes to an end, I’m getting a lot of emails about donating to various organizations, many of which impact my life in different ways. It seems like an appropriate time to remind people that they can “buy a cup of coffee” in order to support this website. You can donate via Paypal: link Or you can ...

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New Book: The Revelation at Sinai

by R. Gil Student I am pleased to announce the publication of The Revelation at Sinai: What Does “Torah from Heaven” Mean?, co-edited by me, Yoram Hazony and Alex Sztuden. The book contains articles by a wide variety of scholars discussing the concept of “Torah from Heaven” from different perspectives. I should make it clear that my views are represented ...

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Looking for Typing Assistance

One of the regular contributors to Torah Musings is looking for typing help to convert his handwritten material into digital content. (You can certainly try with OCR technology but we would need that corrected.) This is needed on an ongoing, weekly basis. If anyone is willing to volunteer, please contact us at [email protected]. Thank you UPDATE: Thank you to the ...

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A New Way to Read The Reyd

Introducing, a new way to read The Reyd. It is a clean and simple website with recent links, unconnected to the day in which they are circulated. If you miss a Daily Reyd, you can easily catch up on the site. This feature is also available in the Torah Musings iPhone and Android apps.

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Tip Jar (with corrected link)

Last year, a number of readers reached out to me, offering financial support for Torah Musings. I am grateful for the offers and, more than that, the kind thoughts underlying them. In consultation with my editorial board, I created a simple way to donate any amount — small or large — for those who wish to do so. Let me ...

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Siyum for Firstborns

For those who are a bekhor (firstborn) and need a virtual siyum on Thursday, I will be doing one at 7:30am and another at 8:30am, both on YouTube Live March 25, 7:30am EDT – Siyum March 25, 8:30am EDT – Siyum

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